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With AiHello PPC Automation
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    Automate PPC campaigns

    Use AiHello AutoPilot to save time, reduce AdCost (ACOS) and to increase sales
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    Optimize For Profit

    Autpilot ensures every dollar spent on Amazon advertising goes to what matters most:
    growing your business and increasing profits

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    24x7 Optimization

    AutoPilot monitors sales 24x7 and continously updates bids to keep you competitive.

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    Keyword Automation

    Grow your revenues and reduce work hours spent on Amazon ads management with
    automated keywords discovery & continuous bid modifications

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    "Hands Free" AutoPilot

    No manual configuration for scheduling, boosting or bidding.
    AiHello AutoPilot handles everything for you.
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    Automated Day Parting

    Boost bids automatically depending on forecasts.
    Increase bid boost during higher volume predicted days and during peak hours.

How does it work?

AutoPilot monitors all your campaigns and keywords and continuously tweaks the bids, adds high performance customer search terms and optimizes ad costs to keep your revenue flowing and your ad costs low.

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    Connect Amazon

    Connect your Amazon ecommerce platform and then connect your Amazon advertising console.
    We use your sales history to forecast and boost bids when you are expected to sell more and during "peak" hours. We will also suppress bids during "off peak" hours to save you money

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    Switch On AutoPilot

    Once your campaigns are synced, click on the AutoPilot button for any campaign you want to be optimized.
    You can switch on AutoPilot for as many campaigns as you like, giving you the granularity to test it before switching it on for major campaigns.

    Optionally, you can tweak other parameters like the ACOS/ROAS you want for each campaign, max autobid and more. All the settings are explained here

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    We keep your ad costs low

    AutoPilot monitors your campaigns, keywords, placements and continuously tweaks the bids to increase/decrease it and maintain your target costs.

    Whether you have few hundred keywords or million of keywords across your campaigns, our superhuman algorithms will work 24x7 to ensure that your revenues are growing and your ad costs are kept as low as possible.

    Never again overspend your ad budget on Amazon.

Watch it in action

Take a whirlwind tour of AiHello Auto Pilot in action.

AutoPilot will perform the routine bidding tasks for you, so you can focus on campaign profitability and get the most out of your Amazon ad spend.

Put your Amazon ads on AutoPilot, increase ad spend efficiency and automate bids for your campaigns, adgroups, placements and keywords.

Optimize Campaigns for Profit. Avoid overspending on Amazon ads and increase sales

Your Benefits

We work hard to make sure you keep most of the money from your Amazon sales and not spend it on ads

Reduce work hours

Avoid the countless hours of manual mundane work of optimizing thousands of keywords across all your campaigns. Let our algorithm keep the bids of all of your keywords on target.

24x7 continuous optimization to keep your campaigns "hands free

Stay Hyper-Competitive

Automatically harvest and add the most competitive keywords and customer search terms every day.
Stay on top of the competition by adding up to date, current trending keywords automatically to your campaign

Choose your plan

Simple, no-tricks pricing.

No surprises or hidden fees, ever.
If your monthly spend is more than $10,000 or if you are an Ad agency or if you are a non-profit company then contact us at for discounted pricing.


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per month +

Pay as you go. No monthly commitment. Pay only for what you use

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Growing businesses & private brands that invest into Amazon ads and want more revenues

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Advanced ecommerce businesses who need customization and advanced reporting

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