AutoPilot Roadmap 2021

This is the roadmap for AiHello AutoPilot for last quarter of 2021; some of these features might spill over into next quarter. This is going to be an eventful quarter for most sellers as supply chain backlog issues are causing PPC bids to spike.

We will be focussing most of this quarter on our customers success with our specialist. However this does not mean we will be slowing down our tech growth.

Below are some of the features that we plan to release for AutoPilot. The ones in italics have already been released.

  1. Customer search term transfer from Manual Campaigns to other Manual Campaigns
  2. AutoPilot v3
  3. Keyword Research Module.
  4. Urgent email tasks: (high ctr, high cvr, too many targets, too many products)
  5. AutoPilot tab:
    a. Switch on AutoPilot wizard

    b. Show stats about autopilot
  6. Better recommendations by campaign audit
    a. Release Budget suggestion module
    b. Warning if majority of your keywords are hitting ceiling for autopilot with no impressions
    d. Warning if Campaigns have low conversion rates: suggestions to improve them
    e. Warning if Campaigns have low CTR: suggestions to improve them
  7. Complete dayparting boost calculation with new Amazon hourly data
  8. Add events table: show when autopilot added, what campaign, profile id etc
  9. Show keywords transferred via harvesting
  10. Trends for ASIN (Weekly, Monthly, Daily)
  11. New performance graphs
  12. Smart filter
    a. Increasing AcoS
    b. decreasing AcoS
    c. increasing CTR
    d. decreasing CTR
    e. increasing CVR
    f. decreasing CVR
    g. product price increase
    h. budget increase
    i. bad CTR
    j. bad CVR
    k. bad AcoS
  13. Benchmark tool
  14. Ability to archive profiles
  15. Create portfolios of profiles & campaigns.
  16. Keyword match type for autopilot to add optimal keyword
  17. Keyword match type for transferring keywords from autopilot
  18. Booster Shot: Boost your Organic Sales via AutoPilot. This works by tweaking your backend search terms for each product.