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  • 2. Monthly Ad Revenue
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How many people are involved in managing Amazon ads for your business?
One membership for the whole team

AutoPilot can be used by large teams as well as individual sellers.

No matter the size of your team you have currently, AiHello AutoPilot can help you scale up your business efficiently

How much is your monthly Ad revenue?
Success based fees

With AutoPilot efficiently managing and optimizing your ads, you are free to choose which campaigns to put on AutoPilot and which campaigns you want to manage manually.

You are charged success fees only on ad revenues generated with AiHello AutoPilot

How often do you manage your ads?
"Hands Free" AutoPilot

Intelligence at scale. Let our algorithms optimize your bids, harvest keywords, automatically day part your ads and boost your placements 24x7

How many hours a week do you spend managing your ads?
Optimize for Profit

With Intelli-Sense bidding working 24x7 on your behalf, you save time, ad costs and increase your revenues.

How many campaigns do you currently have?
24x7 Optimization.

AutoPilot manages and optimizes your bids, keywords, placements and targets 24x7, 365 days a year to keep your business competitive

Your business never sleeps. Neither does our AutoPilot

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