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The deal with our users is simple. Profitable growth and nothing less.


Spend More on The Right Keywords

Spend more on your top keywords and less on the keywords losing you money. Our bidding algorithms divert spend from low performing targets to high performing ones to lower your ACoS and drive more sales.

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Create Campaigns in Seconds

You select the ASIN and budget, AiHello does the rest. Create ads in seconds using the first and only ad builder that automates keyword research and campaign creation at scale.

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Advertise on The Best Keywords

Automatically add new relevant keywords, remove bad keywords and control your spend with negatives using our automated keyword management system. Never miss an opportunity to drive high quality traffic with AiHello.

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Enlist the Help of an Expert

Have a dedicated Amazon ads expert guide you on all things strategy & PPC to help you win faster and skip the learning curve. Get advice on campaign set up, advertising tactics and growth to propel your business forward.

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User benefits at a glance

Eliminate manual work

No headaches with manual campaign management... ever.

Scale your agency

Run unlimited campaigns and add more clients - without breaking the bank or hiring more Account Managers.

Easy to use

No complex onboarding or long tutorials. AiHello is powerful, but simple.

Tailor ads around goals

Ramp up sales, cut ad costs or increase category share - it's your call.

1:1 Expert mentorship

Want a PPC specialist on speed dial? You got it!

Actionable reports

Learn why we adjusted some bids. When to restock specific products. Always stay up-to-date.



Automatically optimize your ads to keep your sales and ACoS improving daily.

Book 1:1 strategic call
  • Automated Campaign Creator

  • AI Bidding

  • Keyword Management System

  • Onboarding call

  • Dedicated PPC Specialist


For companies that want to have a personal Amazon Ads expert to help them win faster.

Book 1:1 strategic call
  • Complete Amazon account management

  • Content creation

  • Listing optimisation

  • Competitor research & strategy creation

  • Smart order fulfillment

  • Direct chat with your PPC specialist


For agencies that want to automate their work and onboard more clients

Book 1:1 strategic call
  • All The Features in Pro

  • Unlimited Ad Spend

  • Dedicated PPC Specialist

  • 8 Hours Per Month of Consulting


For businesses doing $200,000+ in monthly ad spend
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Book 1:1 strategic call
  • Available for Hybrid plans

  • Available for Pro plans


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This is a First Class Full Automated platform. Just switch on AutoPilot for a target ACoS and our AI engine will automatically optimize bids daily, mine keywords, transfer keywords between auto and manual campaigns and boost bids depending on peak hours and off-peak hours. There is zero configuration and no rule-sets required as our AI learns from your sales and optimizes daily.

It takes anywhere from 7-14 days for you to start noticing positive results. The system learns every day and becomes more efficient at optimizing your keywords and placements.

We have a visual change log of how the AI has been optimizing your bids. You can view them by the day and the reason for the bid optimization.

Yes you can set the number of keywords to be automatically added to your ad groups based on number of criteria. You can also set keywords and search terms to be moved from AutoCampaigns to Manual Campaigns

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