AutoPilot Update: Special keywords & Finetuning AutoPilot

Amazon Keywords Characters
Amazon Keywords Characters

We are releasing couple of updates to our AutoPilot sysem.
1) Fine tuning AutoPilot for special keywords. Now you can override AutoPilot for special keywords to help you achieve your goal faster. We have written an exhaustive blog over here:

2) You can filter campaigns by only AutoPilot and “Not on AutoPilot”. This will help you quickly see which campaigns are on autopilot or vice versa.

- AutoPilot Update: Special keywords & Finetuning AutoPilot -

Minor updates includes:

  • Changes to the UI making it more compact so you can see more of data in one screen.
  • All your filtering & sorting preferences are saved so that anytime you login your favorite filter and sort is loaded up automatically.
  • Your region selection is saved if you have multiple regions connected.
  • New Ads dashboard that displays all your profiles across all your regions. We wil soon be displaying forecasts and actionable items in this dashboard.


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