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How to Copy Your Product Listings to New Marketplaces


1. Click on “Copy my listing from one marketplace to another”

Click on the drop down menu on the top bar that says “I want to: Select your Goal” and select “Copy my listing from one marketplace to another”. Click “Next” on the introduction page.

2. Select the product you want to copy

From the “Search for products” drop down menu select the product you want to copy to a new marketplace and click “Next”.

3. Select the marketplace you want to copy your product to

Please note that you need to have the destination platform already connected on AiHello. For North America and Europe, connecting it once will work for all countries.

4. Verify or change the product information before publishing

On this page you can edit the title, price (in the new currency if applicable), description, and quantity of the product for its new marketplace.

5. Finish!

Click “Publish” and then “Finish” on the next page and within the hour your listing will be ready. Congratulations! You have successfully used AiHello to expand your business. Next stop: Setting up fulfillment!