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The 7 Best Amazon Advertising Strategies For Sellers

According to a poll conducted by Third Door Media, 80% of Amazon advertisers intend to raise their ad spending in 2019. That means the rivalry is intensifying, and it’s time to step up your Amazon advertising game.

While it is simple to start up an Amazon business, obtaining exposure takes effort. It’s challenging to get the exposure needed to make sales when there are so many sellers vying for the same goods. As a result, leveraging your business with Amazon advertising campaigns is your safest bet for selling on Amazon as quickly as possible.

With over 119,928,851 products on the Amazon marketplace, having a very clear and planned Amazon advertising approach is essential for retail brands.

This article discusses some of the most effective strategies for increasing advertising cost of sale (ACoS), conversion rates, and brand awareness.

Continue reading to learn more about these six Amazon advertising options for your business.

1. Increase conversions with optimized product listings

A successful Amazon advertising campaign entails more than just using the Amazon Advertising platform.

It also covers optimization for search engines (SEO).

You optimise your product listings for Amazon SEO so that they appear at the top of relevant search results. For example, someone selling a milk steamer would like their product to show up in search results for that phrase.

Prove to Amazon that your product listings are related to your ads by using your target keywords in the copy of your product listings to avoid your ads not showing up. However, Amazon SEO should go beyond improving product ranks.

It should also evaluate how your company might boost the purchase rate of a product listing’s traffic. Because everyone sees the same listing whether they click on your ad or your product listing, conversion rate optimization is crucial (CRO).

You can increase sales for your ad campaigns by optimising your product listings as follows:

  • Experiment with various product images.
  • Experiment with different product features to see what works best.
  • Make changes to the product titles

You can discover new ways to drive orders through organic and paid visitors by continuously optimising your product listings. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your target market and what drives them to purchase your product.

2. Build brand awareness with category-specific targeting

If you sell K-cups for a Keurig, you might serve your ad to Amazon users who have searched for “Keurig.” Amazon offers advanced targeting functionality to help you display your products alongside top-rated products or even tangentially related products.

You can show advertising to shoppers who have demonstrated interest in other products in your industry by utilising Product Attribute Targeting. This powerful targeting feature allows you to get the most out of your adverts. It also allows you to raise brand awareness among a high-intent audience.

When you search for basketballs on Amazon and click on a purchase, for example, you’ll find a section titled “Sponsored products linked to this item”:

Basketball players are more likely to look at knee braces or sports cones, therefore this is efficient ad placement. Even if there aren’t any shoppers in the market right now, they would ideally keep these brands in mind for the future. This is an effective ad placement strategy.

3. Drive immediate sales by targeting ASINs

If your Amazon advertising plan for 2021 focuses on targeting actual search phrases like “sandwich maker” rather than seemingly random strings like “F08PHHTS6W,” this Amazon advertising idea for 2021 is for you.

Your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are used to identify your products — as well as those of your competitors — on While many buyers use search phrases to find what they’re looking for, others use ASINs.

That’s why ASINs should be the focus of your Amazon marketing.

When you use ASINs as keywords, you help your business in the following ways:

  • Search for relevant terms.
  • Target products that are similar to yours.
  • Increase product sales.

Check your Amazon Search Terms report to get started with this Amazon ad strategy for 2021. This report will include a list of the search phrases consumers used to locate your goods. If you come across ASINs, look them up on Amazon to see what comes up.

You can evaluate whether or not it’s worthwhile to include these ASINs in your ad campaign based on your study.

4. Improve ACoS by testing and optimizing campaigns

The original version of your advertising, regardless of the ad network, isn’t the greatest.

You should spend time testing and improving your advertising if you want to improve your ACoS and increase product orders. You can attain the results you need and want with constant testing and tweaking.

You can, for example, play around with the following elements:

  • Ad structure
  • Promoted products
  • Keyword targeting
  • Keyword bids
  • Ad types
  • Ad targeting
  • And more

Proactive ad management can help your company take advantage of Amazon’s advertising strategy for 2021. Checking your campaigns once a week or twice a week, for example, can help you detect problems or possibilities sooner.

If you want to know more about ACoS and how useful it can be to your advertising strategy, AiHello has several resources to guide you through it. 

5. Use auto campaigns to explore and manual campaigns to exploit

It’s best to have as much control over campaigns as possible, just like it is with other advertising platforms. It will enable you to make the most cost-effective business decisions. Automatic features, on the other hand, can be useful in some situations. One of these instances is keyword research.

Use auto campaigns to find high-converting search terms and add them as keywords in your manual ads. When possible, look for ways to automate all keyword optimization procedures, including negative keywords, keyword match types refinement, and auto to manual campaign search term transfer.

6. Maximize performance by remaining flexible

Flexibility is one of your most valuable assets, especially when it comes to Amazon advertising tactics for 2021.

You give yourself the power to adapt to new changes, tools, and techniques when you stay flexible, which leads to better results. Competitors that adhere to their initial strategy, on the other hand, will typically struggle to achieve the same outcomes.

Consider the audiences for Sponsored Display.

In November 2020, Amazon announced this feature. Companies that were willing to be flexible with their plans experimented with this brand-new instrument to boost fourth-quarter earnings. Inflexible vendors, on the other hand, stuck to their initial strategy and promotions.

Similarly, many companies use a set-it-and-forget-it strategy for their advertising campaigns. They let their commercials run without devoting time to analysing campaign results, resulting in wasted ad spend and sales.

If you’re flexible with your Amazon advertising plan, you’ll be able to assist your business to succeed.

7. Give it time and optimize 

It may take some time to observe campaign results at first. Before making any changes, be patient and wait for the outcomes. Using advertising options such as budget caps will help you to stay within a specified budget while waiting for results, preventing overpaying.

Impression and keyword bids are two important results to look for. Ascertain that your advertising has sufficient funding to generate impressions. Otherwise, your ads will not appear as frequently as they should to create conversions. This can detract from your campaign’s performance and reduce your chances of outperforming the competition.

Keep in mind that bidding amounts will vary depending on the product’s intended cost of sales and profit margins. After you’ve discovered the most advantageous adjustments, put them to the test by changing one variable at a time and analysing the outcomes after a few days.

Final Thoughts

One of the most effective strategies to increase revenue for your company is to advertise on Amazon.

You may assist your company to enhance its ACoS, grow sales, and build its brand with a strategy inspired by the aforementioned Amazon advertising ideas for 2021. AiHello can provide expert advice targeted to your business and its objectives. 

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