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Advertising on Amazon : Do’s and Don’ts

AMAZON is the most prominently forward thriving online shopping platform. Statistics say that there are over 300 million Amazon users. They are known for their reliability. Amazon provides you extensive selection opportunities with an immense range of varieties. They never fail to satisfy the customer’s needs and deeds. The most desirable prices available are one of the factors because of which most of the online shopping users prefer amazon to any other online shopping platform. Many other distinct e-commerce websites charge extra for the shipping and delivery of the product. Amazon delivers the product free of cost. Purchasing goods from here is effortless. Amazon provides its prime users with exclusive benefits like second-day free delivery, access to the bid day deal offers along with others. 


Amazon is one of the most famously running and widely used e-commerce websites. There are countless sellers, as well as buyers, who’d blindly choose amazon without hesitation. AMAZON MARKETING SERVICES(AMS) or ADVERTISING ON AMAZON  is a strategic way of driving more traffic towards your selling product and your website. Clicking on these ads directs the customer to the official website. Amazon advertising has been growing up rapidly. It is similar to that of pay-per-click (PPC) ads on google. It’s another way of promoting your product with planned strategies giving it more exposure through an advertisement. You might lack sureness of something or might be doubting if this advertising platform could bring you many profits or not. There are some simple techniques that you need to follow before you start your product promotion. Also, there are different types of ads. 

They are :

Amazon Sponsored product ads

Amazon product display ads

Amazon headline search ads

Let’s discuss them in detail soon.

Why is Advertising on Amazon important

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a technological explication or solution which helps the sellers drive more attention to their products. By clicking on the ad, the link directs the customer directly to the Amazon website. Pay Per Click(PPC) and Cost Per Click(CPC) are part and parcel of advertising.

Advertising is just an implemented strategic version of promotions of your product.

PPC ads are expensive when compared to CPC. PPC ads are those kinds of advertisements, where the advertisers pay you a price for each time one of their ads is clicked. In the same way, Cost Per Click measures the overall CPC of your PPC ads. 

The formula of Cost Per Click is given by :

(Money spent)/(Total clicks measured) = Cost Per Click

What are Amazon Sponsored product ads?

SPA is the abbreviation of Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. They are one of the efficient ways of approaching an advertisement for a sponsored product. They make your product look more appreciable and distinct. Clicking on these ads directs the user straight to a specific product they are searching for. These ads are usually displayed below or above the search results page. Obeying all the do’s and dont’s will help you give a tough fight to the other competitors. They have a high conversion rate of approximately equal to 10 percent. SPA’s are generally hard to ignore or get your eyes off them because they appear as soon as the page gets refreshed. These advertisements are subtly marked as “Sponsored.” 

Sponsored Product Advertisements appear for at least a day and get disappeared. The operation of these ads can be in the hands of the product seller.

International E-Traders say that they have increased their sales by 301 percent just by adapting to these types of advertisements.

In the above picture, the highlighted part shows you an example of the sponsored ads.

What are Product display ads?

Product display ads are another effective way of procuring fame to your selling product. These ads do not concentrate on giving importance to the keywords. They focus or target more on the product display page. These ads also drive the customers to the page where all the details of the product are displayed. They provide you with furthermore information like customer reviews, customer images, follow-up emails, etc. Product Display Ads are pay-per-click ads that earn profits in either way. These ads may also contain videos. Video Ads can come under the same category too. Video Ads grab the attention of the users very quickly. These ads are to be played automatically without being clicked. In this way, Product Display Ads could be used efficiently to bag more profits. 

In the above picture, the highlighted part shows you an example of the Product Display ads.

What are Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Previously, Amazon Headline Search Ads were available in vendor central through Amazon Marketing Services. Whereas now, it’s also serviceable to third-party sellers. These kinds of ads are helpful to promote your products as well as brands. Amazon Headline Search Ads can be visible at the top of the customer search results page. In this advertisement, you can group multiple products and improve the perceptibility of the brand’s name. Just typing the brand’s name will help you find out all the products manufactured by that particular brand. Focus on the keywords and optimization of the headline language is very important.

In the above picture, the highlighted part shows you an example of the Headline Search ads.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising

Earning profits and allegiance come hand in hand. 

There are many benefits of advertising on Amazon.

  • Improve awareness of your brand
  • Reduction of the sales cycle
  • Making it cost-effective on a CPC basis
  • A better understanding from the customer’s perspective
  • Driving traffic to your website in a more efficient method
  • Product perceptibility
  • Easy to reach the buyers
  • You get paid irrespective of the purchase of the product.
  • Have track of your sales and optimize accordingly
  • Global reach
  • Feasible for everyone to view and access
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Converting visitors into customers

Advertising Cost of Sales(ACoS) is the key constraint that helps you determine the success of your advertising campaign. The profits earned or the losses gained can be measured with the help of ACoS. 

ACoS is calculated by :

Total money spent on the ad/total revenue generated on that ad

When it comes to advertising on Amazon, there’s a lot to contemplate and follow accordingly. Irrespective of the type of advertisement, there are a few do’s and don’ts to be followed.

Do’s and Don’ts of advertising on Amazon.

Do: Concentrate on the Keyword Research

Research on keywords and focussing more on them will help you efficiently project your PPC campaign. The keyword testing specialty will help you maintain your ACoS value at a controllable level. This test will let you figure out which keyword suits the best for conversion rates to stay high.

There’s no compulsion that all the keywords must inevitably resemble your type of product. It’s acceptable to experiment with keywords that do not match your product type. 

Do: Go through the Amazon Brand Guidelines

Amazon Brand Guidelines are a set of rules set by the Amazon Brand. Those who’d want to enter the advertising field of Amazon must be aware of all these guidelines. The rulebook says to follow all the rules for any Amazon PPC campaign. Starting from the typeface to the discounts, Amazon has to approve the advertising campaign including the logo, sizing, and the graphics used in the ad.

Do: Assure your ad is as specific as attainable.

Make sure to make your ad copy look as precise as possible. 

For example: if you’re selling a carpet, you have to be specific about all the particulars about it. What are the dimensions, what fiber is it made of or is it made out of foam, what are the advantages of it, and how much does it weigh?

As hard as it is to expose all the information in the advertisement, it is necessary to jam the important information here. 

Do: Try experimenting with all the different kinds of ad formats.

Some products would be best suited for the headline search ads, while some might look good under sponsored product ads. It is worth experimenting and trying out all of them to see which one gives you the highest yields and highest returns. 

Do: Give attractive and revamp the product titles.

Design the product title in such a fascinating way that it’d be hard for anyone to get their eyes off. Revamping the title would be a determining factor at times. Few of them choose their product depending on the brand that has produced such a product. So, including the brand’s name would fetch few more eyes and give a higher reach to the advertisement.

Don’t: Stop depending more on Auto-Campaigns.

If you are new to this field, it’s okay to go for the auto-campaigning process. But being more dependent on it will denigrate your PPC end potential of the advertising campaign.  

Don’t: Stop rushing into making budget changes for your Product Ads.

Most beginners commit mistakes when it comes to making changes in the plan of budget. Never make budget changes just after launching or releasing your product into the market. Always wait for it to leave an impact on the viewers. Trying to make budget changes so soon wouldn’t help you understand your PPC advertising campaign’s potential or the impression on your ad. Many successful stories suggest you wait for at least one to two weeks before making any changes to your product ads.

Don’t: Never ignore focussing on the Product titles.

Don’t randomly choose any title for your advertisement. The more fascinating it is, the more clicks you get on each ad. Take your own time and try coming up with an apt title. Include your brand’s name in the title if possible. Try to project your goals through a captivating tagline.

Don’t: Don’t advertise anything insensitive or offensive to certain groups of people.

Your ad campaign wouldn’t be successful or can’t get enough reach if your ad is objectionable to anyone in any way. Don’t invoke any pictures related to sensitive topics like racism or sexism. 

Don’t: Never plagiarize someone else’s work.

Come up with your ideas for making your advertising campaign successful with mind-boggling strategies. 

In a Nutshell 

Amazon has a crystal clear view of how buyers engage with products and brands. From the above explanation, you are now familiar with all the terms used in advertising on Amazon. You can measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign through a key metric called ACoS(Advertising Cost of Sales). There are different types of ads when it comes to digital advertising and the above blog by AiHello helps you understand all of them in simple terms. There are some do’s and don’ts that everyone must follow to attain a successful campaign without getting into trouble and earn more profits to be precise.