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“Increasing sales by AutoPilot”

Hello there Amazon sellers. One of the questions that I hear the most is why aren’t my products selling which has almost the same answer to the other frequent question I hear Why am I losing so much money on ads To solve both the challenges you need to take a step by step approach and the the first and most important step would be to look at your conversion rates. Very loosely, conversion rate is the amount of people that buy your product from the total amount of people that clicked your ad and landed on your product. An average conversion rate is around 9% but we usually say that anything above 6% is ok. This means that out of 100 people that click your ad, you should expect around 9 people to buy your product. If this rate is lower then you know something is wrong with your listing. It could be the pictures are not appealing, or it could be the listing write up is not optimal. This is specially in European countries where some sellers just use google translate to translate their products from one market to another.. Lower conversion rate could also mean that your pricing is not optimal. And it could also mean your product does not have enough authority. Which means it does not have enough reviews. So if your conversion rates are too low then you have to take a step by step approach to solve this problem. First change the pictures for your product and then measure your conversion rate. Then optimize your listing, maybe even go for A+ listing and then measure your conversion rate for the next 15 days. Finally experiment with different prices. One critically important aspect of pricing is that your low conversion rates does not necessarily mean you should drop your prices. In fact for plenty of sellers, their conversion rates went up higher when they increased their prices. You should also make sure that you raise the price just enough that you are winning the buy box. If customers land on your product via Amazon PPC Ad then you will always win the buy box, no matter what your price. Finally on the subject of reviews, we have an entire video dedicated to it and how we can help you get more reviews to increase your product authority and ultimately increase your conversion ratio. We have written extensive blog articles about conversion rates which we will be linking in this video description down below. We will also be talking about Click Through rate in our next video.