Amazon A9 and A10 algorithms compared: What’s new and how does it affect your SEO game?

What is the Amazon A9 algorithm?

Want to increase the ranking of your product in the amazon search results? Then it is important for you to know about the Amazon A9 algorithm. Amazon A9 algorithm is a system that will decide the ranking of your products in the Amazon search results. It helps the customers find the most relevant product through the search keywords. This also helps the Amazon sellers gain traffic for their products which in turn leads to a higher ranking of the products.

Amazon A9 algorithm considers the sales conversions too unlike the Google algorithm. This will lead to products that have more sales history ranking higher and better than those with fewer sales history. This is because the A9 algorithm of Amazon will promote the products that are most likely to be sold compared to other products. Amazon’s A9 algorithm takes relevancy, reviews, keywords, sales history, product promotions, search terms, availability of the product, price, and many more into consideration before ranking the product in the Amazon search results. It is the core of Amazon in determining the ranking of a seller’s products.

How does the A9 Amazon algorithm work?

Amazon A9 algorithm works to determine the positioning the brand ranks in the search results for a customer. It shows the buyers the relevant results for the key terms used in the search box. It also includes the results that are recommended and other products which may interest the buyers to buy them. It gives the results based on the search history and the purchasing history of the customer. 

This allows the products to rank higher in the search results when searched and increases the rate of the possibility of being bought which in turn increases the sales of the given product and brand. Key search terms play an important role in finding the results relevant to the item that the customers want to buy as the amazon A9 algorithm is based on the relevancy of search terms.

What is the Amazon A10 algorithm?

Amazon A10 algorithm is the newest or updated version of the Amazon search engine. This has led to the changing of how the algorithm works overall. Amazon A10 algorithm will lead the buyers directly to the results they are looking for instead of the recommended or other search products. The most relevant, popular, and highly ranked products are stood out so that it increases the chances of sales for the sellers and the chances of finding the right product for the buyers.

The product that has more buyer appeal is ranked organically higher than the ones that did not. Not only this but also the way of ranking is now based on the organically generated clicks rather than advertisements.

What’s new?

Seller’s authority.

the seller’s authority is determined by the buy box or product listing of Amazon. The seller’s authority depends on Amazon activity duration, feedbacks, ratings, number of products, etc. 

Organic sales.

Organic sales are the sales that come from the products that the customers not only view but also buy rather than the sales that come from paid advertisements. This is because Amazon has been giving more importance to a safe organic SEO strategy for sales and not pay per click (PPC).

Offsite sourced traffic and sales.

Offsite sourced traffic is the traffic that is forwarded to Amazon from other websites. For example, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube blogs, TikTok, etc. it is important to make sure that the traffic is relevant as that will only increase the views of the page and not the sales.

Internal sales.

Recommended products frequently bought products make up the internal sales. Since they are not the products that are search products but shown to the buyers in a separate section to increase the search rankings of the product. 

Click through rates.

Click-through rates are nothing but the frequency of clicking the products by the buyers at the first glance. It is only considered when they are not only clicked but also bought afterwards. For this reason, the products need both a meaningful title and a high-quality main image.

What remains the same?

Though there are changes in the operation of the algorithm, there are still some that remain the same in the Amazon A10 algorithm from the A9 algorithm. Here are a few – 

  1. Sales History.

Sales history says about the organic ranking of your products. Having your products always on “in stock” guarantees an increase in the product ranking.

  1. Conversion Rate.

Conversion rate of a product is the conversion of a product from a view to a purchase. The more the products convert from views to sold more the ranking of your product.

  1. Reviews.

Reviews literally mean the proof of the product from other customers. This is because customers tend to trust other customers. If the product is shown by the other customers the same as the product shown in the search results, then the chances of the product being sold are higher. Thus, the product ranking increases.

  1. Relevant keywords.

To find the right product that the customers are looking for, typing the relevant keywords are important. This is because the product may consist of a specificity that a customer is searching for. Hence, the search results depend upon the search key terms typed by the customer.

How does the A10 Amazon algorithm work?

As mentioned earlier, the amazon A10 algorithm is the updated version of the amazon A9 algorithm. This has given rise to many changes in the operation of the overall algorithm. But there are also some operations that remained the same. In these, there are a few that play bigger roles and smaller roles too like the amazon pay–per–click (PPC) and the profitability of the products. 

Amazon A10 algorithm has led to the increase in product visibility which allows the customers to really know the product that they are buying. Amazon A10 algorithm has been through many changes and will continue to change in the future too. This has also allowed the sellers and the buyers to know any fraudulent items that are being sold and remove them from the Amazon search engine and the web website permanently. 

For the best way to rank higher in the Amazon search results knowing about the amazon A10 algorithm is an important step for any kind of seller on the Amazon web webpage.

Amazon A9 algorithm VS A10 algorithm.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm and A10 algorithm are not that different from each other as they both help the seller of Amazon to get better traffic to their websites and to have higher sales on their products. But they are a few differences too when it comes to some activities of the algorithms.

Amazon A9 is an old amazon algorithm that helps the sellers on amazon to get a better ranking with search keywords, pay–per–click (PPC), and Amazon’s paid adverts. Whereas the Amazon A10 algorithm helps the seller’s product rank higher in the search results by the clicking process. That is, it ranks the products that are most viewed or clicked on the website along with the most bought and most likely to purchase items.It also shows the competitors’ products right below the product of your brand.

This is where the amazon A9 and A10 algorithms differ in the programming. One is for the PPC and paid adverts and the other is for the organic selling by the number of views and purchases. Regardless, both are from the same search engine of amazon which will find the right product for the customers and the deserved rank of the products for the sellers on the Amazon web webpage.

Effect of Amazon’s algorithms on your SEO game

The various factors of Amazon’s algorithm that influence your product’s ranking on the search result page are:

  1. Visibility of your products: 

Technically, it is useless to spend a hundred dollars on your product’s ad if it isn’t attracting customers to at least view it. Amazon PPC Advertising is undeniably the best way for Amazon sellers to show their product to the relevant buyers.

2. Relevance to the search term

AD relevance is defined by how accurately your PPC advertisement campaign matches a user’s search. Brands usually bid keywords that are relevant to their products so that they appear on the first page of the actual results page on the official Amazon website. For this reason, you have to consistently maintain your ad relevance.

3. Conversions 

Conversion rate is the ratio of the number of clicks converted to sales to the number of clicks. More conversion rate means more successful is your ad in promoting your brand. This means your ad is not just attracting traffic, but attracting the right traffic.

Final thoughts on the Amazon algorithm.

The Amazon Algorithm’s main goal is to assist customers in their product searches. The system evaluates various companies and their products on the site, giving users the most relevant results. The A9 Algorithm and the A10 Algorithm are very similar. The key distinction between the two is the relative importance of ranking factors.

What will always be vital is to think about the customers rather than the algorithm – this is how you acquire an advantage. Because, regardless of whether the algorithm is “A9” or “A10,” Amazon’s core rule stays the same: to satisfy the client by providing an exceptional digital purchasing experience.