Top 12 Pacvue Alternatives & Competitors for 2024

Pacvue is a famous PPC software tool that’s used by many big brands and agencies. They’re known for their strong analytics, rule-based automation, and most recently, their merger with Helium10.

Like any other software though, Pacvue has its downsides. Like the fact that it can take a significant amount of time to learn the platform and set up rules that work, or that they lack a strong AI automation option, or that they can sometimes change bids only once every week and that they’re one of the most expensive options out there.

Luckily, though, there are many other great PPC tools out there. Keep reading to learn about our top picks.

1. AiHello

AiHello is a powerful software solution that automates your ads. They provide a fully automated campaign creator, a keyword management system, a top-tier bidding algorithm, and an Amazon specialist to help you out with your strategy and implementation.


Complete Campaign Creator

One of AiHello’s best features is its automated campaign creator. It can create multiple campaigns in one go without any of the hassles you’d usually deal with. You don’t need to do any of the setup or keyword research. All you have to do is provide the ASINs, budget, and campaigns you want to be set up and AiHello takes care of the rest. This helps you add 100s of new campaigns and grow your sales in weeks, not months. 

Real AI Bid Automation 

There are a lot of PPC software companies that claim to use AI to change your bids, but AiHello is one of the few that actually do. They even let you track your bid changes on ‘autopilot logs’ and see the reasoning behind them so you can easily stay on top of your advertising.

Customizable Day Parting 

This feature automatically identifies your peak and off-peak times so you can increase and decrease bids during those periods and get the lowest ACoS possible.

Keyword Management 

The keyword management feature lets sellers increase their spending on relevant, high-volume keywords and draw budget away from lower-performing ones. This works by automatically harvesting search terms from auto campaigns, adding new high-performing keywords, removing bad ones, and adding negatives to your campaigns. 

Dedicated Account Manager 

With your subscription comes a PPC expert who you can reach 24/7 over email and up to 8 hours per month on Zoom to get guidance on anything related to your account, PPC, and strategy.


AiHello’s pricing is split into 4 simple tiers that depend on ad spend. 

Here are the tiers:

For sellers between $0-$7k in spend its $175/month

For sellers between $7k-$20k its $400/month 

For sellers above $20k its $450 + 1% of ad spend 

And for Agencies its $800/month flat fee for unlimited accounts

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a well-established software tool and managed service provider that has been around since 2015. They help Amazon and Walmart sellers with their PPC using their AI-based bidding algorithms and market intelligence tools, among other features. This makes them a great Pacvue alternative. 


Simplified Campaign Creator – Teikametrics sets up new campaigns by generating keywords from your current campaign’s search term reports. This tool helps you build effective strategies like brand defense and competitor targeting for your business.

Automated Harvesting and Negation – You can use this feature to automate harvesting from auto to manual campaigns and also negate non-converting search terms.

Automated ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets – This feature automates the adjustment of your ACoS targets and campaign budgets to make your spending more efficient.

Day Parting – Focus your ad budget on the highest-performing days and hours to decrease your ACoS and boost sales during peak periods. 

Smart Bidding – On top of their ACoS-based bidding system, Teikametrics also changes your bids according to seasonality, inventory levels, and product price, which helps you get the most out of your campaigns.  


Teikametrics only offers one pricing plan which charges a 3% commission on your total ad spend. This can be a good deal if you’re a small seller, but not so much if you spend a lot on ads. 

Having said that, Teikametrics doesn’t require their sellers to sign long-term contracts, which makes them a great alternative to Pacvue. 

3. BidX

BidX is a user-friendly tool that is popular among European sellers. Their software offers customizable rule based automation and a simplified campaign creator that saves a lot of time for sellers. They also have managed service plans that provide even more PPC assistance. 


Keyword Suggestions – BidX uses keyword suggestions from Amazon in their software so that sellers can quickly add them to both their old and new campaigns.

Multi-Campaign Creator – The Multi-Campaign Creator is a simpler version of the campaign creator offered by Amazon, which can set up several campaigns at once. Its downside, though, is that sellers still have to manually find keywords, which could become time-consuming.

Customizable Dashboard – This feature is one of our favorites from BidX because it lets you view your metrics of choice and how you want them to be shown (charts, graphs, etc.) on one big dashboard. This makes it much easier to analyze your account. 

Harvesting and Negation – Refine your targeting by negating bad search terms and harvesting good ones from auto campaigns using rules.

Rule-Based Automation – Automate your PPC-related tasks by creating custom ‘if X then Y’ rules. This gives you more control over your account, but it comes with longer set-up times and a steep learning curve because you’d need to find rules that actually work.

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.


Bidx bases its pricing on ad spend and they offer the following tiers:

$199 up to $5k monthly spend

$399 up to $10k monthly spend

$599 up to $15k monthly spend

4% of ad spend after $15k monthly spend

4. Perpetua

Perpetua, a well-known Pacvue Alternative that recently merged with Sellics to provide advertising services for Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Target sellers.


Fixed Campaign Creator – Instead of automating your current campaigns, Perpetua pauses them, then moves the keywords you had into brand new campaigns they make using their own structure.

Completely Hands-Off – Perpetua is a completely hands-off platform. Whether this is good or bad depends entirely on what you’re looking for. While it can save you time and effort, it doesn’t offer much customization, so you’ll have less control over your account.

Organic Tracking – You can pay an additional fee of $50 per month to track the organic rank of your product on your 25 most important search terms.

Video and Image Builder– Their platform lets you create custom videos and graphics for your campaign for an extra fee. This special feature sets Perpetua apart and makes it a great alternative to Pacvue, especially for sellers who need assistance with their display and brand campaigns.


Perpetua bases its pricing on the ad spend they manage for you. At first, their plans consist of flat monthly payments, but they become commission-based as your spending increases. 

$250/month until $5k in spend

$550/month until $10k in spend

$550/month + a percentage of spend until $200k in spend

5. Quartile

Quartile is an end-to-end software solution that helps e-commerce sellers automate their Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Walmart ads. Not only is it a great Pacvue alternative, but it’s also very useful for sellers that manage different types of ads.


AI and Rule-Based Bidding – Quartile offers both AI and custom rules for automating your PPC. This gives you the benefit of fast and efficient automation while also retaining complete control over your ads whenever you need to.

Semi-managed Service – Quartile provides an account manager to onboard you onto their platform and assist you with the process. You can also call or email them whenever you have questions about your progress and the software.

Full Funnel Advertising – You can use Quartile’s full-funnel advertising to automate your Google and Facebook ads and drive traffic to your products.

Automatic Campaign Creation – Quartile sets up an auto campaign for every ASIN you have then takes every search term that comes out of them and spins it off into its own campaign. While this can be beneficial for expanding your reach, it can also end up creating an overwhelming amount of new campaigns for your account, making it harder to manage everything. 

Goal-Related Settings – If you’re not too tech savvy or familiar with Quartile’s platform, you can use their premade goal-related settings like ‘product launch’ or ‘conservative’ to help you get set up faster.


Quartile’s pricing only works with long-term contracts that can last several years. They haven’t disclosed their prices publicly, but we do know that their plans start at $895/month and can reach as high as $10k/month, which makes them one of the pricier Pacvue alternatives.

6. Skai

Moving on, we have Skai, a PPC software that can automate both your Amazon ads plus 80 other ad platforms including Snapchat, Apple, and many others. Skai is most popular among enterprise brands but it’s also a viable Pacvue alternative for medium-sized sellers


Good for Enterprise Brands –  Skai could be your best option if your ad spend is in the millions of dollars per year. They’ve had a great track record of managing ads for businesses of this size with the tools that they offer. 

Rule-Based Automation – Rule-based automation is the only automation offered by Skai. As mentioned before, it has the benefit of giving you more control over your account, but it takes time to learn and set up.

Good For Experimentation – Run mini-experiments to test your hypotheses and quickly identify the best tactics to invest in. 

Full Funnel Advertising – Skai has connections with over 80 advertising platforms, which makes them a great solution for businesses that want to go beyond just Amazon and Walmart ads.


Skai only shares the details of their pricing when you book a call with them, but we know that their base plan starts at $800/month. They also start charging a % of ad spend once you go beyond $10k/month. 

7. M19

M19, a PPC software from France, offers bid optimization, ad automation, and the creation of campaigns they call “strategies”. They’re considered a hands-off alternative to Pacvue with a much shorter setup time.


Keyword and ASIN research tools – M19 has built-in research tools that help you discover new keywords and ASIN targets for your ads. Simply provide a seed keyword or ASIN and their software will generate related ones that you can use in your campaigns.

Organic Ranking Tools – This feature helps you measure organic rank and adjust your bids so that PPC doesn’t cannibalize your organic sales,

Simple Campaign Creator – M19 doesn’t let you automate your old campaigns, which is a drawback. However, you can use their ‘strategies’, which is their term for campaigns, to create new ones.

Hourly Day Parting – View your performance in hourly intervals and change your bids to get the most out of your campaigns.

Automated AI Bidding – M19 automates your bidding in order to hit your campaign’s preset ACoS targets.


M19’s pricing is based on the number of ‘strategies’ they set up for you. 

Here are the details:

$400/month for 4 ‘strategies’

$400 + 3% for 10 ‘strategies’

8. Ad Badger

Ad Badger, the company that created the famous PPC Den podcast, also offers a basic PPC tool and managed service for Amazon businesses.


Impressive Learning Resources – Ad Badger provides their customers with a private course and a learning center for Amazon ads. 

Basic Bid Automation – Despite it not being the most high-tech option, Ad Badger’s simple bid automation can still save you time and help you keep your ACoS in check.

Account Manager – Ad Badger provides their sellers with an account manager to help them during onboarding and also evaluate their performance after the first 30 days. Sellers can also reach out to their account rep over email and call whenever they need to.

Harvesting and Negation – Sellers can set rules to automate keyword harvesting and negation, which helps them find new keywords and negatives for their campaign.

Keyword Research Tool – Ad Badger provides a lot of tools that sellers can use to find keywords to add to their campaigns.


Much like most of the other PPC tools, Ad Badger’s pricing is also based on ad spend. Their starting price is $400/month and it goes up as you increase your budget.

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.

9. Adtomic

A good choice for a budget-friendly PPC tool is Adtomic, Helium10’s very own PPC software. They’re a simple tool with basic automation and a user-friendly interface, which makes it a great Pacvue alternative for sellers who want to implement tech without breaking the bank.


Objective-based Settings – Adtomic has three settings for their software: Launch, Liquidate, and Grow. Based on the stage you’re at with your ASINs, you can choose the correct setting and use it to reach your goals.

Rudimentary bid adjustments – Although it’s less advanced than the other options, Adtomic’s bid automation is good for its price and can still save you time.

Harvesting and Negation – Much like the other PPC tools, Adtomic also offers automated search term harvesting and negation.

Benefit From The Helium10 Ecosystem – Although Adtomic might not be everyone’s first pick, it still has the benefit of being part of the H10 ecosystem. You get access to other tools like Cerebro and Magnett on the same platform, which makes ad automation a lot more efficient.


Adtomic pricing is split into these categories:

$39 starter

$99 platinum

$279 diamond

10. Sellerapp

Sellerapp, an India-based Amazon service provider, offers a ‘multi-tool’ similar to Helium10. The PPC software that comes as part of that tool is another good low-cost option that comes with better features than Adtomic.


Customizable Rules – Create your own custom ‘if X then Y’ rules and choose the time intervals you want them executed at, whether it’s hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

Goal-based Settings – They offer the same three settings as Adtomic (Launch, Liquidate and Grow) and you can use them to optimize your campaigns and reach your goals in the same way.

Day Parting – Automatically change your bids according to your peak and off-peak hours to get the most sales out of your ad spend. 

Bulk Actions – By using the bulk actions tool, you can make edits for hundreds of campaigns at once 


Sellerapp also bases its pricing on ad spend, but it’s the cheapest Pacvue alternative and doesn’t charge a commission on your ad spend. Their pricing is as follows:

$39/month up to $5k monthly spend

$49/month up to $20k monthly spend

11. Intentwise 

Another great Pacvue alternative is Intentwise, especially for medium-sized sellers that need both rule-based and algorithmic automation features for Amazon, Walmart and Instacart.


Competitor Insights – You can get accurate insights about the performance of your competitors and how you’re doing in comparison to help you make better decisions.

Recommendations Engine – Intentwise provides automated recommendations to help you transfer keywords between campaigns and negate bad search terms to help refine your performance over time.

Strong Rules and Strong Algorithms – Intentwise is one of the few platforms where both the customizable rules and hands-off automation are both pretty strong.

Performance Analysis –Analyse the factors that are holding you back and pushing you forward and get a complete understanding of where your business is headed.


Intentwise’s pricing isn’t publicly available but it’s known to start from $500/month and involves different tiers.

12. Sellozo 

Last on the list is Sellozo, another great Pacvue alternative. When compared to many of the other options on this list, Sellozo’s campaign creator, customer support, and level of control over ads are much better.


Repricer – The Repricer automatically changes the price of your product to get more sales, better performance, and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Campaign Studio – With this feature, you get a visual representation of your entire campaign strategy on a whiteboard, which helps you see how your ads connect and how to get the best results out of them.

Expert Help – For an additional fee, you can request individual consultation sessions with Sellozo-approved PPC experts.

On top of these features, Sellozo also offers the same features that the other PPC tools have in common, like day parting, automated bidding, negation + harvesting, and bulk changes.


Sellozo bases its pricing on how many SKUs you have. Here are their different plans:

$149/month  0-10 SKUs

$299/month 11-1000 SKUs

$399/month 1001+ skus


With so many PPC tools out there, it can be really hard to know which one is right for your business. That’s why we made this list of the best Pacvue alternatives to give you the information you need to make that decision. 

And of course, if you’d like to learn more about our own tool, AiHello, you’re always welcome to book a call with one of our PPC experts here

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