AiHello Product Update: TACOS and Organic Sales in product reports

The latest update to AiHello dashboard now shows Total Acos (TACOS) as well as organic sales for each ASIN/SKU in the product analysis page

Total ACOS and Organic Sales for each product (ASIN/SKU)

While it’s important to know the TACOS and organic sales by campaign, its even more important to know the breakdown for each product.

With this update you can know how much of advertising costs you are incurring per ASIN and what’s the return on investment not only for Ad sales but also total sales including organic sales and ad sales.

The Product Analysis page now provides you the sales you made via Advertising as well as the total sales including organic sales. Advertising affects sales including organic sales directly as well as indirectly therefore it’s important to take a holistic view of sales when deciding how much to spend on Ads

The TACOS and organic sales should give a better and clearer view of which products are performing better with ads