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This video will show you how to use other ecommerce marketplaces to increase your sales and profit margins. We will also discuss diversifying outside of just selling on Amazon like using Shopify and Woocommerce and moving onto your own website. Some benefits of that include having the customer as a direct customer, guaranteed income, Amazon not being able to shut you off, and best of all increased credibility which can help you out if you’re also selling on Amazon. However, Amazon does provide you with all their customers and the exposure of your products to those customers, whereas with Woocommerce you’ll need to advertise extensively. Firstly, we’ll have to connect Woocommerce to Amazon FBA so that any sale completed on Woocommerce can be fulfilled by Amazon FBA. You could also use 3PLs but if your numbers are not above a certain threshold, it’s more effective to use Amazon FBA. Amazon has the potential to make sellers a lot of money, but you don’t want to rely completely on Amazon and have your own marketplace or shopping cart to do business, with the two largest being Shopify (for north america) and Woocommerce (global). Woocommerce tends to be more tech-oriented running on WordPress’s platform. I personally recommend using Woocommerce because you can change the code, change the hosting provider, self host it yourself, and best of all it’s free and open-source! The best thing about Amazon is that everything is picked, packed and shipped by Amazon but with Woocommerce you’d have to do it manually or through a 3PL. However, with AiHello, you can connect your Woocommerce platform so you never have to fulfill your Woocommerce orders manually anymore by automatically fulfilling your orders by Amazon. By clicking on each platform integration, you can see which countries are fulfilled by Amazon with Amazon US fulfilling orders coming from the US, Amazon UK fulfilling orders from France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and other countries you may choose. You can also set up rules specific to certain SKUs. You will also be able to see your order statuses so you can track your orders and know where they are headed to. AiHello has domestic and international compatibilities so you can connect Woocommerce to Amazon FBA across the world. You can keep track of which platforms you’re connected to Woocommerce by clicking on Woocommerce under the order fulfillment tab. You also have the ability to email customers once their order has shipped informing them of their order and any information they should know, such as their order number and the method it was used to ship their order. Furthermore, if your order numbers are falling on FBA, AiHello will update it on Woocommerce so that you won’t be selling an out of stock item. Essentially, syncing your Amazon FBA and Woocommerce platforms is possible through their integration into Aihello’s platform. To connect your platform today, visit https://www.aihello.com