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Choosing a Marketing Agency.

What is a marketing agency? The marketing group, also known as marketing agencies are the specialized groups that assist a commercial enterprise entity to collect a brand price in the…
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Amazon Backend Keywords

What are Amazon backend keywords? Backend keywords are the hidden keywords that are only known to the sellers of Amazon. Although these keywords are not visible to the buyers, they…
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Product Analysis Breakdown report

Just released! Product Analysis breakdown is now available in the newly created “Reports” tab.This has been a frequently asked report since this is not available even in the Amazon dashboard.…
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


The journey from being a writer to that of getting your book published is quite craggy. But there are people willing to get their name published as an author which…
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PPC Keywords Optimization

For any activity you do online, keywords are one of the vital factors for the success of the visibility and performance of that activity. Keyword optimization is one of the…
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