Top 12 Perpetua Alternatives & Competitors for 2023

Perpetua is a popular Amazon PPC automation tool that helps sellers with their advertising. They’re known for their sleek user interface, their AI-driven bids and the market intelligence tools they offer.

Like any other software, however, Perpetua has its downsides. Like the fact that they need you to shut down your old campaigns to work. Or that the campaign structure they make you use is not good for performance, or that the software works as a black box, which leaves you with no control over how your campaigns are run. 

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of other great PPC tools to pick from. Keep reading to learn about our top picks.

1. AiHello

AiHello is a complete end to end PPC software solution. This means that in addition to bid automation, they also offer a completely automated campaign creator, an efficient keyword management system and a dedicated Amazon expert to help you with strategy and implementation.


Complete Campaign Creator

One of AiHello’s most popular features is its all-in-one campaign creator. It allows sellers to create multiple campaigns at once without having to do any keyword research. All that is required of you is to select your ASIN, your budget, and the campaigns you want to set up and AiHello does the rest. This lets you create campaigns in bulk and increase your traffic exponentially over time.

Real AI Bid Automation 

AiHello is one of the only PPC softwares that uses real AI to change your bids daily. In the graph above, you can see their ‘autopilot logs’, which is a historical record of the bid changes made by the software for all your keywords + the reasoning behind every change. 

Customizable Day Parting 

The software automatically identifies your peak and off-peak times and allows you to increase and decrease bids during those hours to make the most out of your ad spend.

Keyword Management 

With AiHello keyword management, sellers spend more money on relevant high-volume keywords and less money on poor performers. Using this feature, you can automatically add new performing keywords, remove underperforming keywords, add negatives and harvest customer search terms into your campaigns.

Dedicated Account Manager 

AiHello provides all sellers with their own dedicated PPC specialist. This specialist can be contacted 24/7 over email and for up to 8 hours per month on Zoom to get guidance on all things advertising and strategy. 


AiHello’s uses simple tier based pricing that depends on the seller’s ad spend.

For sellers between $0-$7k in spend its $175/month

For sellers between $7k-$20k its $400/month 

For sellers above $20k its $450 + 1% of ad spend 

And for Agencies its $800/month flat fee for unlimited accounts

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a software vendor and managed service provider for Amazon and Walmart sellers that need help with their PPC. They’ve been around since 2015 and have become popular for the AI based bidding algorithms and market intelligence tools they offer, making them a viable Perpetua alternative for those looking for something similar. 


Simplified Campaign Creator – Teikametrics can help you create new campaigns by pulling data from your current ones and your search term reports and using them as keywords. You can also use their campaign tool to create strategies like brand defense and competitor targeting for your account.

Automated Harvesting and Negation – Automatically negate bad search terms to reduce wasted spend and add converting search terms from auto as keywords in your manual campaigns

Automated ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets – Spend the right amount on each campaign and product by automatically adjusting your ACoS targets and budgets through Teikametrics.

Day Parting – Decrease spend during low performing hours/days with AI to decrease ACoS and sell more during peak times.

Smart Bidding – Alongside the regular ACoS-focused bidding Teikametrics does, they also adjust your bids according to seasonality, inventory levels and product price to help you get the most out of your campaigns.


Teikametrics pricing is a bit controversial because the only plan they offer charges a 3% commission on ad spend. This can either be very economical if you’re a tiny seller or a massive 5 figure bill if you’re a large seller.

It’s worth mentioning though that Perpetua also charges sellers a percentage of ad spend, but unlike Perpetua, Teikametrics doesn’t require its users to sign up for an annual plan.

3. BidX

BidX is an easy-to-use PPC tool that’s popular among European sellers. They offer customizable rule based automation and important features like a simplified campaign creator to help sellers save time. They also provide managed service plans for people who’d like more help with their advertising.


Keyword Suggestions – The keyword suggestions Amazon gives are pulled directly onto the BidX platform so you can easily add them into both your old and new campaigns.

Multi-Campaign Creator – A simplified version of the Amazon campaign creator is available on the platform, which lets you create multiple campaigns at once and do it much faster than you could on Amazon. The only caveat though is that you need to find your own keywords which can take some time.

Customizable Dashboard – Our favorite BidX feature is the big customizable dashboard they offer. With this dashboard, you can select what metrics you want to see, and how you want to see them (charts, graphs etc) to make analyzing your account easier.

Harvesting and Negation – Add bad search terms as negatives and harvest good search terms from auto campaigns to refine your targeting over time.

Rule Based Automation – You can create your own customizable ‘if X then Y’ rules to automate most PPC related tasks. This type of automation lets you maintain more control over your account but also more effort to find and set up rules that actually work.

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.


BidX uses tier based pricing that’s ad spend based. These are the tiers currently offered by the company:

$199 up to $5k monthly spend

$399 up to $10k monthly spend

$599 up to $15k monthly spend

4% of ad spend after $15k monthly spend

4. Quartile

Quartile is a full funnel advertising solution that helps ecommerce businesses automate their Amazon, Google, Facebook and Walmart ads. This means its more than just a good Perpetua alternative, it’s also a useful tool for sellers who run several types ads.


AI and Rule Based Bidding – Quartile gives you the option of using both AI and custom rules to automate your PPC. This means you can enjoy fast, efficient automation while maintaining full control over your ads when you need it.

Semi-managed Service – You get your own account manager who’ll be there to onboard you onto the platform and help with the set up. They’ll also be available over call or email to answer questions about your progress and the software.

Full Funnel Advertising – You can benefit from full-funnel advertising using Quartile to start and automate things like Google and Facebook ads to drive more traffic and sales to your listings.

Automatic Campaign Creation – One of Quartile’s more controversial features is its automated campaign creation. It begins by creating auto campaigns for you and then uses every single search term that comes out of them to make a new single keyword campaign. This can be useful for expanding your reach but can lead to having 10,000+ new campaigns in your account which makes it difficult to manage.

Goal Related Settings – Premade goal related settings like ‘product launch’ or ‘conservative’ help you optimize your account to reach your goals even if you aren’t too tech savvy or familiar with the Quartile platform yet.


Quartile’s pricing is a bit complicated. They work exclusively on long term contracts that could span several years and aren’t public about their prices. What we do know though is that their plans start at $895/month and can go up to $10k/month, which makes them one of the most expensive alternatives to Perpetua. 

5. Pacvue

Pacvue is a widely known PPC software that recently merged with Helium10. They are most known for their rule-based automation that allows sellers to optimize their ads across 90+ marketplaces around the world.


High Level Analytics – Have a clear understanding of where you stand in the market using the insights Pacvue provides on marketshare, share of voice and share of shelf across your marketplaces.

Rule Based and Algorithmic Automation – Pacvue gives sellers the option to use both the rule based automation they’re famous for and their new algorithmic automation. This can give you more choice over how your account is run, but its worth mentioning that the algorithmic automation is still in its early stages and probably not the best option.

More Than Just PPC – After recent updates, Pacvue now helps you manage coupons, promotions and product page SEO alongside your ads which gives you complete control over your business on one platform.

Automated Suggestions – Get automated suggestions that help you distribute your budget and get the most out of your ad spend. These suggestions include things like increasing your budget on certain ad types, shifting ad spend to better performing targets, or making changes to win the Buy Box more often.


Pacvue doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing on its website but it’s known to be ad spend based with the minimum tier starting at $500/month and the most expensive tier being 3% of ad spend.

6. Skai

Skai is an Amazon ads automation tool that allows you to connect and automate 80+ other ad platforms like Snapchat and Apple ads. Skai is mostly used by enterprise companies but it’s also a strong Perpetua alternative for medium sellers.


Good for Enterprise Brands – If you’re spending millions of dollars every year on advertising (both on and off Amazon) Skai might be the best option for you. Their platform and customer success teams were designed to handle this level of complexity and have been doing it successfully for years.

Rule Based Automation – Skai only offers rule based automation. As previously mentioned, this is good for customization and control but might come with a big learning curve and long setup times. 

Good For Experimentation – Run micro-tests to find out which strategies work well and which don’t. This helps you quickly zero in on the best tactics and spend your budget more efficiently.

Full Funnel Advertising – With connections to 80+ advertising platforms, Skai is definitely the best solution for businesses that are interested in more than Amazon and Walmart ads. 


You’d have to reach out to them directly to get more info about Skai Pricing, but what we do know is that it starts at $800/month and they charge a percentage of ad spend after you cross $10k/month in spend.

7. M19

M19 is a French PPC tool that helps sellers optimize their bids, automate their advertising and launch new campaigns that they call ‘strategies’. M19 is a very hands off tool and offers several features that make it a strong Perpetua alternative.


Keyword and ASIN research tools – Find new keywords and ASIN targets with M19’s own on-platform research tools. All you need to do is input a seed keyword or ASIN and their software will suggest similar targets for you to add to your campaigns. 

Organic Ranking Tools – Using M19, you can track your organic rank and optimize your bids around it. The way this happens is that M19 will adjust your bids and placement boosts to reduce your PPC’s cannibalization of organic sales and save you money.

Simple Campaign Creator – One of the biggest drawbacks of using M19 is that it can’t automate your old campaigns. What it can do though, is create new campaigns for you using their own campaign structures that they call ‘strategies’. This is pretty similar to what Perpetua offers which can be a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for.

Hourly Day Parting – View your performance on an hourly basis and adjust your bids accordingly to increase efficiency.

Automated AI Bidding – Similar again to what Perpetua does, M19 uses AI to adjust your bids every day to hit the ACoS targets you set when creating your campaigns.


M19 pricing depends on the number of ‘strategies’ you have set up with them. 

Here’s how it works:

$400/month for 4 ‘strategies’

$400 + 3% for 10 ‘strategies’

8. Ad Badger

Ad Badger is the company behind the famous PPC Den podcast. They offer both a simple PPC tool that helps with basic automation and a managed service option as well.


Impressive Learning Resources – Alongside the publicly available blog and podcast, Ad Badger provides an exclusive course and learning center for its software customers. 

Basic Bid Automation – While not the most advanced option out there, Ad Badger offers simple bid automation tools that can save you time and help keep your ACoS in check. 

Account Manager – All customers get an account manager to onboard them onto the platform and review their performance after the first 30 days. They’re also available for contact over email when needed.

Harvesting and Negation – Set your own rules for search term harvesting and negation to automatically find new keywords and new negatives to add to your campaigns.

Keyword Research Tool – Find new keywords to target using the on-platform keyword research tool provided by Ad Badger


Ad Badger pricing is also ad spend based. It starts at $400/month and scales as you spend more on PPC.

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.

9. Adtomic

Adtomic is Helium10’s budget-friendly PPC software. It offers several useful features for small sellers looking for simple automation and a better user interface. It’s a good Perpetua alternative for people who don’t need all the bells and whistles and would rather have a cheaper tool that gets the basics done.


Objective-based Settings – Adtomic has different settings you can pick to align your campaign strategy with your overall goals. Your 3 options are launch, scale and liquidate which pretty much cover the entire product life cycle from start to finish.

Rudimentary bid adjustments – Although it’s probably the least advanced option out there, Adtomic still offers basic bid automation to save you from having to do it yourself.

Harvesting and Negation – Similar to other tools, Helium10 offers rule based harvesting and negation to help you easily navigate through your search term reports.

Benefit From The Helium10 Ecosystem – While Adtomic itself might not be for everyone, it’s still part of the Helium10 ecosystem of tools, which definitely helps. You get access to important tools like Cerebro and Black Box on the same platform you do Adtomic which gives you a wider range of options to use to grow your business.


Adtomic pricing comes in three tiers:

$39 starter

$99 platinum

$279 diamond

10. Sellerapp

Sellerapp is an India-based Amazon software that offers several tools under the same umbrella like Helium10 does. One of those tools is another low-cost PPC software that’s more advanced than Adtomic and less expensive than Perpetua.


Customizable Rules – Create your own ‘If X then Y’ scenarios and have Sellerapp execute them automatically on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Goal-based Settings – Similar to Adtomic, Sellerapp allows you to choose between 3 strategic goals to optimize your campaigns towards. These goals are Launch, Grow and Liquidate.

Day Parting – Discover what your peak and off-peak hours are and use the software to automatically adjust bids and budgets during those times to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Bulk Actions – Quickly make changes to hundreds of campaigns at once using Sellerapp’s easy to use bulk actions tools. 


Sellerapp pricing also follows the ad spend model, but it’s noticeably cheaper than the other tools and doesn’t charge a percentage of ad spend.

$39/month up to $5k monthly spend

$49/month up to $20k monthly spend

11. Intentwise 

Intentwise is an advanced PPC software that offers strong automation features and useful analytics for medium sized sellers.


Competitor Insights – Get accurate data about how you’re performing against your competition and use it to set relevant goals to grow your business.

Recommendations Engine – Automated recommendations to help you with decisions like transferring keywords between campaigns and negating wasteful search terms.

Strong Rules and Strong Algorithms – Intentwise offers both strong hands off automation algorithms and a comprehensive set of customizable rules.

Performance Analysis – Decode the reason behind changes in performance and understand where your account is headed with Intentwise’s performance analysis tools.


Intentwise pricing isn’t publicly available but it’s known to be tier based and starting from $500/month. 

12. Sellozo 

Another good Perpetua alternative is Sellozo. Sellozo comes with a much stronger campaign creator, much better support and much more control over your ads than Perpetua can offer.


Repricer – Automatically change your product’s price to get more sales, improve overall performance and win the buy box more often.

Campaign Studio – View your campaign creation strategy on a whiteboard to better visualize how your ads work and how to form a strategy that makes sense for your goals.

Expert Help – You have the option to pay extra to book 1 on 1 sessions with Sellozo-approved PPC experts that can help you reach your goals faster. 

You also get the features that come with the other tools like day parting, automated bidding, negation + harvesting and bulk changes.


Sellozo pricing follows an SKU based model. Here’s how it works:

$149/month  0-10 SKUs

$299/month 11-1000 SKUs

$399/month 1001+ skus


With so many PPC softwares out there, it can become difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why we decided to make this list of Perpetua alternatives to educate sellers on the best options available for their business.

And of course, if you’d like to know more about our own tool, AiHello, you can always book a call with one of our PPC experts here

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