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2024 Best Amazon Product Launch Service and Tips

It may be both exhilarating and tough to launch a successful Amazon product. To be successful, you need time, expertise, and work. Many sellers fail, and it takes a lot more effort than you might think. It’s not just a matter of putting your item on the market.

We believe you should have a core strategy that is compatible with your product. These initial steps will determine the long-term success of your product on Amazon.

We’ll show you how to create an Amazon product launch strategy in this article.

Understanding The Algorithm

Let’s take a look at what makes a product rank well on Amazon before we get into the tips. “What is Amazon’s marketing strategy?” you’ve probably wondered. “How do they rank and promote product listings?” you might ask.

It may appear to be a difficult code to understand at first, but it’s actually rather simple. Amazon’s A10 Algorithm holds the key.

The Amazon A10 Algorithm is the company’s own search engine. It displays how Amazon’s product listings are ranked in search results. Although the algorithms of Google and Amazon are similar in certain aspects, they are not identical.

For starters, Amazon does not intend to become a search engine. They just use their algorithm to assist shoppers in finding an item. The majority of the results are based on relevancy and popularity.

The Amazon A10 Algorithm is influenced by three metrics. These measurements can aid in your understanding of the algorithm. Read on to learn more about each detail:

  • Sales Velocity – The rate at which you sell your products on Amazon is referred to as sales velocity. The faster you sell, the higher you’ll appear in Amazon’s search results.
  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate) – CTR is the percentage of customers who see your product and click on it. The CTR is crucial for determining the relevance of your product listing to viewers. Your product listing will be more relevant if your CTR is higher. This is the point at which customers decide whether or not to buy the product.
  • Conversion Rate – The percentage of customers that actually buy your product is known as the conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the more money you’ll make.

These three indicators will aid you in the launch of your product.

Get an Amazon Prime Badge as a first step.

If you want to prevent the feared low engagement outcomes, you must start with the appropriate actions. The first step in launching your product is to obtain an Amazon Prime Badge. Customers who have the Amazon Prime Badge may expect their purchases to arrive securely at their doorsteps within two days.

Because of the additional perks, an increasing number of customers are adopting Amazon Prime. Because Amazon has been marketing for over a decade, it’s no surprise that products with the Amazon emblem have a higher conversion rate.

The search results for Prime-eligible products are prioritised. This enables sellers who spend the majority of their time and money on the platform to swiftly sell their product listings. You can enrol your product in Amazon FBA if you want it to be eligible for Amazon Prime.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it is where Amazon fulfils their products. Amazon does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on the promotion and marketing of your products.

Amazon will store your goods, ship it to customers, and gladly deliver the things to their front doors. Aside from these services, they also offer refunds and returns to customers! It’s as simple as setting up your business, marketing your stuff, and earning money.

Make the most of your brand’s content.

You must first review your product listing before focusing on advertising your product. Brands are frequently anxious to launch their items, but they neglect to review their content. To hook customers and maximise conversion, you must provide high-quality content.

If you have a poor sales volume, your advertising expenditure will be wasted. As a result, creating high-quality content is critical for generating leads and converting them.

Using relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions is one method to improve your product listing. Consider all of the relevant phrases and search terms that apply to your product when selecting keywords.

To find out more about a keyword, you can use an online keyword tool. The tool calculates the volume and tags of Amazon searches. Knowing the statistics on a keyword can assist you in deciding which ones to employ.

Make Product Titles That Stand Out

Your product names will have a big impact on your customers’ first impressions. Creating a dull and boring product title with no description will almost always result in a low conversion rate.

Customers enjoy product titles that give them a sense of what the item is about. If relevant keywords are included, it will also be easier to find the product.

Take High-Definition Product Photographs

Customers are well-known for looking at product images before reading a product description. The visuals are visual representations of the product that customers can use to decide whether or not to buy it. They’ll most likely click the exit button and go to another seller’s product listing if they encounter a product listing with low-quality photographs.

It’s easy to see why businesses on Instagram employ a visually pleasing feed to get visitors into their locations. Many went so far as to hire photographers to generate outstanding product photography.

Create a thorough product description.

One of the most common mistakes merchants make is writing a poor product description. Anyone should realise that product descriptions are necessary for customers to comprehend the features.

Your product descriptions should be enticing as well as accurate. Instead of overwhelming potential consumers with technical and useless facts, tell the audience about the product’s benefits and applications. Give customers a sense of what to expect from your goods.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the customer to make things easier for yourself. Include all of the conceivable questions they might have regarding the product in the description. You’ll be able to write a detailed and interesting product description that will help you generate leads in this manner.

Offer competitive product discounts and offers.

If you want to get things started, you’ll need to make an offer that customers won’t be able to refuse.

Reduced Prices

The simplest strategy to persuade clients to buy and increase early demand is to provide product discounts. Discounts, when combined with winning deals, might make people feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck with your products.

To drive traffic to their products and gain fresh buyer feedback, most product launches provide coupons and discounts. Try to provide product discounts and packages when introducing a new product.

Amazon Giveaway

Giveaways are a fantastic approach to create leads and get people to visit your product page. Most product launches include giveaways in order to increase traffic and generate leads. Customers will be guided through a number of actions, including watching a video, inviting friends, and signing up for an email list.

These procedures will help you get the word out about your product and build an email list. After obtaining and utilizing the product, the winner can give a review, while the other participants can take advantage of product discounts.

You can use Amazon Giveaway to promote your new product. Amazon Giveaway is a tool that allows sellers to run sweepstakes campaigns on their websites. These adverts have the potential to generate interest in your goods and attract new clients. You can register through Seller Central.

You must choose 30 physical prizes and 50 digital rewards to start your giveaway. The entrance requirements and awards will be determined by the parameters you establish. A private or public giveaway is possible. After that, Amazon will take care of the rest.

Use an existing Amazon product to upsell.

Connect your new product to one of your store’s existing and successful Amazon products. Giving discounts isn’t enough; you also need to give exceptional deals. Your product should be priced depending on its cost and quality. To select your offer, conduct market research and competitor analysis.

Make a bundle and promote it with your best-selling item. Create a discount structure where purchasers can get a discount if they buy both, for example.

Organize promotions

You’re almost done with your product launch strategy. The following step is marketing and promotion. You’ve spent time getting your product ready for launch and double-checking that everything is in order. Your product is ready for an ad campaign, which means you’re ready to drive traffic and convert customers.

Use social media ads, Amazon PPC campaigns, and product reviews to get the word out about your products.

Advertisements on Facebook

Using social network ads, you may drive external visitors to your items. Facebook is a popular social media network with a large user base. Using this to your advantage can help you increase traffic to your product listing.

You’ll need a Facebook page and a Facebook Business Page Manager to run advertising on Facebook.

You’ll need a Facebook page for your business or product, as well as a Facebook Business Manager Page, to run Facebook advertising. To be secure under Facebook’s Terms of Service, we recommend not directing them to your Amazon product listing when building your Facebook ad.

Instead, send visitors to your website and embed a Facebook tracking pixel. You may leverage the data in your lookalike audience campaign to ensure that your adverts are shown to the right people.

AdWords by Google

Google advertisements differ from Facebook ads in that they can help you drive visitors to your website. However, Google advertisements are more expensive than Facebook ads, so you might want to go with something else.

PPC on Amazon

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is a one-of-a-kind advertising strategy in which you pay Amazon a fee for each ad click. Amazon PPC connects your products to a specific search phrase, allowing you to reach a larger audience and rank higher in the algorithm.

Marketing with Influencers

Every year, the number of social media influencers grows. These persons have a large following, and their fans communicate with them on a regular basis. Increase your sales velocity and traffic by increasing brand exposure through their platform.

To advertise your goods, you may approach Instagram and YouTube influencers. They have a large following, and if they witness influencers utilising your product, they will be enticed to purchase.

We recommend focusing on Instagram influencers with fewer than 100k followers and Youtubers with 1,000 to 50,000 subscribers. They can produce good results at a reasonable cost.


Goods reviews can help a buyer decide whether or not to buy your product. Customers read reviews in excess of 49% of the time before making a purchase. The data reveals a lot about why businesses should improve their customer reviews.

But what if you don’t have any customer feedback? You might start by launching your product on your own website and obtaining evaluations from reputable sites. Share these testimonials on social media so that potential customers may see for themselves how genuine your product is. You can then direct them to your Amazon website.

Early Reviewer and Buyer-Seller communications are two programs that can help you speed up the review process.

Customers who write a review during the promotion period and obtain a reward such as a $1-$3 Amazon Gift card are referred to as Amazon Early Reviewers. Only after a review can the reward be redeemed.

A service called buyer-seller messaging allows you to send a personalized greeting to clients who have recently purchased from your store. You can include instructions on how to use the product, word games, and even recipes in your message. But, of course, the ultimate goal is to get positive feedback.

“Tell us how we did?” is a good question to ask for feedback.

Check out FeedBackFive if you want to get more reviews and feedback.

Track Your Account

After you’ve finished setting everything up and released your product, it’s time to keep an eye on your account. It’s not a good idea to set it up and then forget about it. You must keep an eye on your conversion rate and metrics. Check to see if your keywords and promotions are still effective. You can also utilize a product ranking feature on Amazon. You may keep an eye on your product listing and make changes as needed.

Use Amazon’s FBA Launch Services.

Are you having problems getting your items off the ground? You can hire a Product Launch Service to help you. They’ll assist you improve your product listing, pay attention to details throughout the launch, optimize your product listing, and keep your conversion rate high.

AiHello offers a team of experts who can assist you in launching your products. The following are some of the services we offer:

Check for SEO Keywords

We provide a full SEO keyword check prior to the product launch to guarantee that your product listing contains relevant keywords.

Make Your Product Listing More Effective

We optimise your product listing to be easily accessible on Amazon in order to reach a larger audience and generate more leads.

Keep your conversion rate high

We monitor and assist with maintaining ideal rankings after the product launch.


It might be difficult to launch a new product on Amazon, especially if you have no prior expertise. There are many competitors selling identical products, so staying relevant is difficult. Following the recommendations above will make it easier for you to browse Amazon and have a successful product launch.