Top 12 Intentwise Alternatives for 2024

Intentwise is a popular Amazon ads tool that helps sellers with their PPC. They’re best known for their sleek analytics tools, comprehensive rule-based automation, and friendly user interface.

Like any other software, however, Intentwise has its downsides. Like its lack of AI capabilities, long set-up times, steep learning curve, and high prices.

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of other great PPC tools to pick from. Keep reading to learn about our top picks.

1. AiHello

First on the list is AiHello, an all-in-one software solution that automates your ads. They offer a fully automated campaign creator, a keyword management system, a top-notch bidding algorithm, and an Amazon expert who can help you with strategy and implementation.


Complete Campaign Creator

One of AiHello’s most powerful features is its automated campaign creator, which creates multiple campaigns at once without any of the usual hassles with setup and keyword research. All you have to do is provide the ASINs, budget, and campaigns you want to be launched and AiHello does the rest. 

Real AI Bid Automation 

There are plenty of PPC software companies that claim to change your bids using AI, but AiHello is one of the few that actually do that. They even let you track your bids on ‘autopilot logs’ and see the reasoning behind them so you can effortlessly stay on top of your PPC.

Customizable Day Parting 

The dayparting feature calculates your peak and off-peak times so you can increase or decrease your spend accordingly and cut down on your ACoS

Keyword Management 

With AiHello’s keyword management system, you can boost your spend on relevant, high-volume keywords and pull back on lower-performing ones. It does this by automatically harvesting search terms from auto campaigns, adding new high-performing keywords, removing bad ones, and adding negatives to your campaigns.  

Dedicated Account Manager 

Every subscription comes with a dedicated PPC expert who’s at your service 24/7 via email and up to 8 hours a month on Zoom. They’re always there to help you out with anything that has to do with your ads and strategy.


AiHello’s pricing consists of simple tier-based plans that change based on the seller’s ad spend. Here’s how it works:

For sellers between $0-$7k in spend its $175/month

For sellers between $7k-$20k its $400/month 

For sellers above $20k its $450 + 1% of ad spend 

And for Agencies its $800/month flat fee for unlimited accounts

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a reliable software tool and managed service provider that helps Amazon and Walmart sellers with their PPC. They’ve been in the business since 2015 and have become well-known for their AI-based bidding algorithms and market intelligence tools, among other features. That’s why they’re a solid alternative to Intentwise.


Simplified Campaign Creator – 

Teikametrics generates keywords from your current campaign’s search term reports and uses them to set up new campaigns. This feature comes in handy when you want to develop strategies like brand defense and competitor targeting for your business.

Automated Harvesting and Negation – This feature automates harvesting from auto to manual campaigns and negates non-converting search terms to improve your targeting.

Automated ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets – Using this feature, you can spend your budget more efficiently by automatically adjusting your ACoS targets and campaign budgets.

Day Parting – Cut down on your ACoS and boost your peak-time sales by focusing your ad spend on high-performing hours and days. 

Smart Bidding – Teikametrics goes the extra mile by changing your bids according to factors other than just ACoS, these factors include seasonality, inventory levels, and product price. This way, you can get the most out of your campaigns.


Teikametrics has only one pricing plan and it charges a 3% commission on your total ad spend. If you’re a small seller, this could be really convenient, but that’s not the case at all if you’re a larger-scale business.

With that being said, the good news is that Teikametrics doesn’t require their sellers to sign long-term contracts, which is makes them a good Intentwise alternative. 

3. BidX

BidX is a PPC tool that is popular among European sellers. With its user-friendly interface, their software offers customizable rule based automation and a simplified campaign creator that lowers the amount of time you spend on your ads. They also have managed service plans that give you extra assistance for your PPC. 


Keyword Suggestions – BidX loads keyword suggestions from Amazon onto their platform, where sellers can choose to use them in their old and new campaigns.

Multi-Campaign Creator – This feature is an easier-to-use version of Amazon’s campaign creator, which can create several campaigns at once. The only downside is that you still have to manually find keywords, which can be a bit time-consuming.

Customizable Dashboard – This feature is by far one of our favorites from BidX, because it lets you choose the metrics you want to see and how you want them displayed (charts, graphs, etc.) This makes analyzing your account a breeze.

Harvesting and Negation – Improve your targeting by applying rules to negate irrelevant search terms and harvest valuable ones from auto campaigns.

Rule-Based Automation – Using this feature, you can automate your PPC-related tasks with personalized ‘if X then Y’ rules, which gives you more control over your account. However, be prepared for a longer setup process and a steep learning curve until you figure out which rules actually work.

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.


Bidx offers these 4 tiers according to your ad spend:

$199 up to $5k monthly spend

$399 up to $10k monthly spend

$599 up to $15k monthly spend

4% of ad spend after $15k monthly spend

4. Perpetua

Perpetua is a popular PPC platform that merged with Sellics to offer advertising services for sellers on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Target.


Fixed Campaign Creator – Perpetua takes a different approach to campaign creation. Instead of automating your current campaigns, Perpetua puts them on hold and uses their keywords to create new campaigns with their own structure.  

Completely Hands-Off – With Perpetua, you get a completely hands-off platform, which can be time-efficient, but you end up with less control because the software allows for very little customization.

Organic Tracking – By adding an extra $50 per month to your bill, you can monitor the organic rank of your products on your 25 most important search terms.

Video and Image Builder– You can also pay an extra fee to unlock their custom video and graphics builder. It’s a great feature that is unique to Perpetua and makes them a great Intentwise alternative for sellers who want to focus more on their display and brand campaigns.


Perpetua’s pricing plans are based on the amount of ad spend they manage for you. They start with flat monthly payments for lower spend accounts, then become commission based when spend increases

$250/month until $5k in spend

$550/month until $10k in spend

$550/month + a percentage of spend until $200k in spend

5. Quartile

Quartile is a full-funnel PPC solution that automates Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Walmart ads. This makes them a great Intentwise alternative, especially for businesses that run several types of ads. 


AI and Rule-Based Bidding – Quartile lets you automate your PPC using both AI and custom rules, which is great because you get to enjoy fast, efficient automation and a high level of control over your account.

Semi-managed Service – With the subscription comes an account manager who will onboard you onto their platform and help you out with the set-up. You can also call or email them with any questions about your progress and the software.

Full Funnel Advertising – You can start automating your Google and Facebook ads to get the full benefit of Quartile’s full-funnel advertising and drive more traffic to your products.

Automatic Campaign Creation – Quartile sets up auto campaigns for each ASIN and turns each of the resulting search terms into its own single keyword campaigns. While this expands your reach, you can end up with a huge number of campaigns, which would make it difficult to manage your account.

Goal-Related Settings – Quartile’s premade goal-related settings like ‘product launch’ or ‘conservative’ can help you use your ads to reach your goals even if you’re not too familiar with their platform and how it works. 


Quartile operates only on long-term contracts, which can last up to a few years. Their pricing starts at $895/month and can go as high as $10k/month, depending on your ad spend, which makes them one of the most expensive Intentwise alternatives.

6. Skai

Next up is Skai, a PPC software that automates your Amazon ads and over 80 other ad platforms like Snapchat and Apple. Although it’s usually enterprise brands that use Skai, it can also be a great Intentwise alternative for medium-sized businesses.


Good for Enterprise Brands –  Skai is a great option if your ad spend is in the range of millions of dollars per year. They have a great track record for managing accounts of this size with their platform and customer success teams.

Rule-Based Automation – The only type of automation offered by Skai is rule-based automation. As mentioned above, it lets you maintain more control over your account, but it needs time to learn and set up.

Good For Experimentation – Run mini-experiments to test your strategies and identify what works so you can figure out how to manage your budget.

Full Funnel Advertising – With its integrations with 80+ advertising platforms, Skai offers a great solution for businesses that want to expand beyond Amazon and Walmart ads.


You’d have to call Skai to get the full details of their pricing, but we know that their plans start at $800/month. Also, they start taking a commission when your ad spend crosses $10k/month.

7. M19

M19 is a French PPC tool that provides their sellers with bid optimization, ad automation, and the creation of brand new campaigns referred to as “strategies.” They’re a great Intentwise alternative because their hands-off nature can save you a lot of time.


Keyword and ASIN research tools – M19’s built-in research tools help you find new keywords and ASIN targets for your ads. Just provide a seed keyword or ASIN and their software will generate similar ones that you can include in your campaigns.

Organic Ranking Tools – You can monitor your organic rank with this feature and use the software to automatically change your bids and placement boosts accordingly so that your PPC doesn’t cannibalize your organic sales.

Simple Campaign Creator – One of M19’s flaws is that it doesn’t let you automate your old campaigns. With that being said though, you can use their own campaign structures (or ‘strategies’) to make new ones.

Hourly Day Parting – You can view your stats in hourly intervals and tweak your bids for maximum efficiency.

Automated AI Bidding – M19 helps you reach your campaign’s preset ACoS targets by using automated bidding.


M19’s pricing is based on how many ‘strategies’ they created for you. 

Here’s how that works:

$400/month for 4 ‘strategies’

$400 + 3% for 10 ‘strategies’

8. Ad Badger

Ad Badger, the company that’s famous for the PPC Den podcast, offers sellers a basic PPC tool and managed services. 


Impressive Learning Resources – On top of their publicly accessible blog, Ad Badger also offers their customers an exclusive course and learning center to help them manage their Amazon ads.

Basic Bid Automation – Although it isn’t the most high-tech solution, it’s still a useful tool that can help you save time and hit your ACoS targets.

Account Manager – With Ad Badger, sellers receive a dedicated account manager for smooth onboarding and a performance evaluation after the first 30 days. The manager is also available over email or call whenever needed.

Harvesting and Negation – You can set your own rules to automate keyword harvesting and negation so you can identify new keywords and negatives to include in your campaign.

Keyword Research Tool – AdBadger has a range of tools that you can use to find keywords to add to your campaigns.


Similar to a lot of the other PPC tools, Ad Badger’s pricing is also based on ad spend. Their starting price is $400/month and it increases with your ad spend.

9. Adtomic

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly PPC tool, then Adtomic could be a great option for you. The software is part of the Helium10 ecosystem and comes with basic automation and a user-friendly interface, which makes it a great Intentwise alternative for sellers who want to save money.


Objective-based Settings – Based on your objectives and where you’re at with your ASINs, you can choose between three settings for your PPC, which are: Launch, Liquidate, and Grow. 

Rudimentary bid adjustments – Although it’s a bit basic when compared to Intentwise, it’s still a great option considering its price.

Harvesting and Negation – Adtomic also covers all the usual harvesting and negation functions you’d expect from any software.

Benefit From The Helium10 Ecosystem – While it might not be the most popular option, Adtomic still has an advantage since it’s in the H10 ecosystem. This gives you access to other tools like Cerebro and Black Box on the same platform, which makes it easier and more efficient to manage your business.


Adtomic has three different price categories, which are:

$39 starter

$99 platinum

$279 diamond

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.

10. Sellerapp

Sellerapp is an Indian software company that offers Amazon sellers a ‘multi-tool’ similar to Helium10. One of their tools is a low-cost PPC software that is more advanced than Adtomic but cheaper than Intentwise.


Customizable Rules – Create your own tailor-made ‘if X then Y’ rules and set the time interval for their execution, whether it’s hourly, daily or weekly.

Goal-based Settings – They use the same three settings as Adtomic (Launch, Liquidate and Grow), which can help you quickly optimize your campaign and reach your goals.

Day Parting – Automatically tweak your bids based on your peak and off-peak hours to get the most out of your spend.

Bulk Actions – Using the bulk actions tool, you can make changes in hundreds of campaigns at once to save time and effort.


Sellerapp also bases its pricing on the amount of ad spend, but it’s much cheaper and doesn’t charge a commission. Here’s how their pricing works:

$39/month up to $5k monthly spend

$49/month up to $20k monthly spend

11. Pacvue

Pacvue is a popular PPC software that recently merged with Helium10. Their most popular feature is their rule-based automation, which optimizes their sellers’ ads across 90+ marketplaces worldwide.


High-Level Analytics – Pacvue provides high-level analytics that help you get a clear picture of your performance based on your market share, share of voice, and share of shelf across your marketplaces.

Rule-Based and Algorithmic Automation – With Pacvue, sellers can utilize their well-known rule-based automation or explore the new algorithmic automation they offer. This provides you with greater optionality over how you want to run your account but keep in mind that algorithmic automation is still in its early days and might not be the best choice.

More Than Just PPC – Pacvue’s recent updates allow you to control your entire business on one platform by managing coupons, promotions, product page SEO, and ads all in one place.

Automated Suggestions – You can get automated suggestions that help you manage your budget efficiently and get the most out of your ad spend. These suggestions may involve increasing the budget for specific ad types, shifting spend to higher-performing targets, or making adjustments to win the Buy Box more often.


Pacvue’s pricing isn’t available on its website, but it’s known to be based on ad spend with the lowest tier starting at $500/month and the most expensive tier being 3% of ad spend.

12. Sellozo 

Last but not least is Sellozo, another alternative for Intentwise. Their campaign creator, customer support, and level of control over ads are much better than many of the previous options.


Repricer – With this feature, your product’s price is automatically adjusted to boost your sales, enhance your performance, and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Campaign Studio – You can use this feature to visualize your entire campaign strategy on a whiteboard, which makes it a lot easier to see how your ads work together and how to optimize them.

Expert Help – You can pay an extra fee and receive tailored advice from Sellozo-approved PPC experts.

Sellozo also has the basic features that all the other PPC tools have, like day parting, automated bidding, negation + harvesting, and bulk changes.


Sellozo bases its pricing on the number of SKUs you have. Here’s how the categories are split:

$149/month  0-10 SKUs

$299/month 11-1000 SKUs

$399/month 1001+ skus


With the number of PPC tools in the market, choosing the right one for your specific needs can be difficult, if not impossible. That’s why we decided to list the best Intentwise alternatives in one place to help you make your decision.

And of course, if you’d like to learn more about our own tool, AiHello, you’re always welcome to book a call with one of our PPC experts here