Top 12 Sellozo Alternatives for 2024

Sellozo, a subsidiary of Netrush, is a lesser-known PPC software that packs a lot of features. For example, they come with a whiteboard tool that you can use to visualize your campaigns, a product repricer and a bulk changes tool.

They do, however, have their flaws. This can include how they charge your for every SKU in every marketplace separately which is expensive, their AI is not very advanced and they don’t have any keyword research tools.

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of other alternatives and we’ve picked the best 12 for you.

1. AiHello

Our first Sellozo alternative on the list is AiHello, the only PPC tool that actually automates your ads from A to Z. That’s because, on top of their automated bidding, they also offer a fully automated campaign creator, a keyword management system, and a day parting algorithm. They’ll even assign you an Amazon expert to help you out with your ads and onboarding.


Complete Campaign Builder

One of AiHello’s most important features is their fully automated campaign builder, which sellers can use to create multiple campaigns at once for their ASINs without the usual hassle of keyword research and set up. You just provide the ASINs, your budget, and choose the campaign types you want set up for you and AiHello takes it from there. Needless to say, this is a great way of creating campaigns in bulk to grow traffic and sales exponentially over time.

Actual AI Bid Automation 

A lot of PPC software companies claim to use AI, but AiHello is one of the few that actually makes good on their promise. In the picture above, you can even see the ‘autopilot logs’, which show you the history of your bid changes and the reasons behind them

Customizable Day Parting

The software automatically determines your account’s peak and off-peak hours and adjusts your bids accordingly to get the maximum return out of your ad spend.

Keyword Management 

The keyword management feature helps sellers spend more of their budget on high-performing keywords and less on underperforming ones. It does this by automatically removing bad keywords, adding negatives, inserting new high-performing keywords, and harvesting keywords from the search term reports of your auto campaigns.

Dedicated Account Manager 

Subscribing also gives you access to a dedicated Amazon expert that can help you out with your PPC, strategy, and implementation. They’re available 24/7 over email and for up to 8 hours a month on video call.


AiHello offers multiple tiers that depend on your ad spend:

For sellers between $0-$7k in spend its $175/month

For sellers between $7k-$20k its $400/month

For sellers above $20k its $450 + 1% of ad spend

And for Agencies its $800/month flat fee for unlimited accounts

2. BidX

Another good Sellozo alternative is BidX, an efficient PPC software that’s popular among European sellers. They’re well-known for having a user-friendly interface with features like their customizable rule-based automation and a simplified campaign creator that helps you save time. They also offer managed service plans for sellers who need extra help with their PPC. 


Keyword Suggestions – BidX imports keyword suggestions from Amazon to let their sellers use them in both old and new campaigns. 

Multi-Campaign Creator – This feature is a simplified version of the Amazon campaign creator which is much easier to use for creating multiple campaigns simultaneously. You’ll still have to find your keywords manually, though, which can take some time.

Customizable Dashboard – One of our favorite BidX features by far is their customizable dashboard, which lets you select the metrics you see, and how you see them (charts, graphs, etc). This makes it much easier to analyze your PPC.

Harvesting and Negation – You can set your own rules for negating bad search terms and harvesting good ones from auto campaigns to enhance your targeting over time.

Rule-Based Automation –You can automate most PPC related tasks by creating and setting your own ‘if X then Y’ rules. Although this feature can help you maintain control, it also comes with a long setup time and a big learning curve.


BidX pricing also depends on ad spend and is split into the following tiers:

$199 up to $5k monthly spend

$399 up to $10k monthly spend

$599 up to $15k monthly spend

4% of ad spend after $15k monthly spend

3. Quartile

Quartile is a full-funnel software solution that automates Amazon, Walmart, Google and Facebook ads. It’s an amazing Sellozo alternative, especially for sellers who run multiple types of ads.


AI and Rule-Based Bidding – With Quartile, you get to use both AI and rule automation for your account. This lets you benefit from the quick and efficient nature of AI while also setting rules to maintain control over your account.

Semi-managed Service – Quartile provides you with an account manager to onboard you and set your ads up. They’re also there to answer any questions you might have over the phone or by email.

Full Funnel Advertising – Using Quartile’s full-funnel advertising makes it really easy to run both Facebook and Google ads.

Automatic Campaign Creation – Quartile’s campaign creator starts by creating auto campaigns for your ASINs, then turns each search term into its own single keyword campaign, which ends up creating a huge number of campaigns. And while this helps you expand your reach, you need to be careful or you’ll end up with 10,000+ campaigns. 

Goal-Related Settings – This feature offers you preset goal-focused settings like ‘Product Launch’ or ‘Conservative’ so that you can use your ads to reach your goals even if you’re not too familiar with the platform and how it works.


Quartile only uses long-term contracts that can span up to a few years. Depending on your ad spend, the price can range anywhere between $895/month to $10k monthly, which makes them one of the most expensive alternatives to Sellozo.

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.

4. Pacvue

Next on the list is Pacvue, a PPC software that recently merged with Helium10. They’re popular for their rule-based automation, which they use to optimize their sellers’ ads across 90+ marketplaces around the world.


Clear Analytics – Pacvue gives you easy-to-understand analytics about your market share, share of voice, and share of shelf across your marketplaces. Using that data, you can compare your performance to your competitors and make more strategic decisions.

Rule-Based and Algorithmic Automation – Pacvue offers both rule-based automation and algorithmic automation.While this gives you more control over your ads, it’s worth mentioning that their algorithms are still in their early stages and probably aren’t the best option at this point.

More Than Ads – Pacvue’s latest updates let you manage coupons, promotions and product page SEO alongside your ads on one platform.

Automated Suggestions – The automated suggestions feature helps you use your ad spend more effectively. For example might suggest for you to increase your budget on certain ad types, shift ad spend to better targets, or make edits to win the Buy Box more often.


Pacvue’s pricing isn’t shared publicly but it’s known to be ad-spend-based. Their lowest tier starts at $500/month and the highest tier charges 3% of ad spend.

5. Skai

Skai is an enterprise-level PPC software that goes beyond automating your Amazon ads by connecting them to 80+ ad platforms like Snapchat and Apple. Although they’re more popular among large enterprise companies, they’re still a viable Sellozo alternative for medium-sized sellers.


Good for Enterprise Brands – Skai is great if your annual ad budget is in the millions and you have ads across several platforms. They’ve built a platform and customer success team to handle this specific level of complexity and have been successful at it for years.

Rule-Based Automation – Skai only offers rule-based automation. As mentioned before, this gives you a lot of control over your account but takes a long time to set up and comes with a big learning curve.

Quick Experimentation – You can quickly run mini-tests to find out which strategies work best so you can use them to get the best results possible.

Full Funnel Advertising – Skai’s access to 80+ advertising platforms gives it the ability to expand their sellers’ reach beyond just Amazon and Walmart ads.


You’d have to book a call to get the full details of Skai’s pricing, but we know that their lowest tier is priced at $800/month and that they start charging you a commission after you cross $10k/month in spend.

6. M19

The next Sellozo alternative is M19, a French PPC software company that offers bid optimization, ad automation, and campaign creation (though they call their campaigns ‘strategies’). They’re a hands-off tool that can save a lot of time.


Target research tools – M19 has on-platform tools that help you discover new keywords and product targets for your account. The software just needs a seed keyword or ASIN and it’ll find similar ones that you can add straight into your campaigns.

Organic Ranking Tools – This feature lets you keep an eye on your organic rank and adjust your bids accordingly. This works by changing your bids and TOS boosts whenever your product starts to rank for certain keywords so that your PPC doesn’t cannibalize your organic sales.

Simplified Campaign Creator – One of M19’s drawbacks is that you don’t get to automate your current campaigns. Instead, what is does is create new campaigns for you using its own unique structures that they call ‘strategies’.

Hourly Day Parting – You can view your advertising performance every hour and adjust your bids and budgets accordingly.

Automated AI Bidding – M19 automates your bidding so you can reach your campaign’s preset ACoS targets with no setup time and zero rules.


M19’s pricing is based on the number of strategies they set up for you. 

Here’s how it works:

$400/month for 4 ‘strategies’

$400 + 3% for 10 ‘strategies’

7. Ad Badger

Ad Badger is the company that’s famous for creating the PPC den podcast. Besides the podcast the produce, they also offer a basic PPC tool that comes with simple automation and a managed service option as well. 


Impressive Learning Resources – If you’re a fan of their blog and podcast, you’ll definitely enjoy the exclusive course and learning center they offer their customers. 

Basic Bid Automation – Though their bid automation is pretty basic, it can still save you time and keep your ACoS in check well enough.

Account Manager – The subscription comes with an account manager who will onboard you and review your ads after the first 30 days. You can also email them whenever you need. 

Harvesting and Negation – Use rule-based automation to discover new keywords and negatives to add to your campaigns.

Keyword Research Tool – The on-platform research tool helps you find new keywords for your campaigns.


Ad Badger’s pricing also depends on your ad spend. The base plan starts at $400/month and increases with your ad spend.

8. Adtomic

Adtomic is Helium10’s budget-friendly PPC software. It’s not very advanced, but it offers basic automation and a user-friendly interface that make it a viable alternative to Sellozo.


Objective-based Settings – Adtomic’s platform offers three settings: Launch, Grow and Liquidate. Sellers can choose whatever is more appropriate to their needs based on the current status of their account and products.

Rudimentary Bid Adjustments – Although it’s not the most advanced option out there, Adtomic’s easy-to-use features can still help sellers save time.

Harvesting and Negation – Like Ad Badger, Helium10 also offers customizable rules for negation and harvesting to help you get everything you can out of your search term reports.

Benefit From The Helium10 Ecosystem – Though Adtomic itself might not be everyone’s first pick, it’s still part of the H10 ecosystem which means that you also get access to tools like Cerebro and Blackbox on the same platform. This can make it easier and more efficient to manage your Amazon account. 

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

AiHello automates everything, from campaign creation, bidding, keyword addition or removal, and negation so you can grow your business. We also have our own in-house team of PPC specialists, copywriters, catalog experts, and graphic designers to help you with all things Amazon.


Adtomic pricing is split into three tiers:

$39/month starter

$99/month platinum

$279/month diamond

9. Sellerapp

Sellerapp is an Indian Amazon software company that offers Amazon sellers a ‘multi-tool’ similar to Helium10. One of those tools is a budget-friendly PPC software that’s more advanced than Helium10 but still cheaper than Sellozo. 


Customizable Rules – Set your own ‘if X then Y’ rules and execute them on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Goal-based Settings – Similar to what Helium10 offers, Sellerapp has 3 premade settings that can help you reach your goals, which are: Launch, Grow and Liquidate.

Day Parting – Determine your peak-performing hours and automatically adjust your bids and budgets accordingly to optimize your ad spend.

Bulk Actions – Using this feature, you can easily make manual changes to several campaigns at once to save time.


Sellerapp is one of the more budget-friendly options on the list. They don’t charge a commission and their flat monthly fee is a lot lower than Sellozo’s.

$39/month up to $5k/month

$49/month up to $20k/month

10. Intentwise 

Intentwise is a software company that offers PPC help to medium-sized sellers through their rule-based and algorithmic automation, as well as useful analytics across multiple marketplaces. 


Competitor Insights – Get data on your competitors so you can compare your own performance and set your accurate goals. 

Recommendations Engine – The recommendations engine gives you suggestions like keyword negation and moving keywords between ad types to improve your advertising.

Strong Rules and Strong Algorithms – Unlike other platforms, Intentwise offers pretty advanced options for both their rule-based and algorithm-based automation features.

Performance Analysis – This feature helps you discover new insights about your performance and where it’s headed.


Intentwise pricing isn’t available to the public but we know that it’s tier based and starts at $500/month.

11. Teikametrics

Our next alternative on the list is Teikametrics, a software vendor and managed service provider that has been operating since 2015. Since then, they’ve been providing PPC help for Amazon and Walmart sellers with AI-based bidding algorithms and market intelligence tools.  


Simplified Campaign Creator – Teikametrics generates new keywords from the current campaign’s search term reports and uses them to launch new campaigns. This helps sellers set up new campaigns very fast and grow their sales.

Automated Harvesting and Negation – Using this feature, you can automate harvesting keywords from auto to manual campaigns and removing non-converting search terms in order to enhance your targeting.

Automated ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets – This feature makes your spend more efficient by automating the adjustment of your ACoS targets and budgets.

Day Parting – You can use this feature to refocus your spend towards high-performing hours so you can lower your ACoS and increase your peak-time sales.

Smart Bidding – Teikametrics goes beyond using just your ACoS to optimize your bids. They also factor in seasonality, inventory levels, and product price to get you the best results possible.


Teikametrics only offers one pricing plan that charges a 3% commission on your total ad spend. This can be budget-friendly for smaller sellers, but could end up in huge bills for large-scale businesses.

One of the pros of Teikametrics, though, is that they don’t enforce long-term contracts on their customers, which is why they’re a great Sellozo alternative. 

12. Perpetua

Last but definitely not least is Perpetua, a popular PPC tool that merged with Sellics recently to provide a combined advertising solution for Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and Target sellers.


Fixed Campaign Creator – Perpetua shuts down all your current campaigns and uses the keywords and data it gathered from them to create new campaigns using their own structure. 

Completely Hands-Off – Perpetua’s platform is completely hands-off, which is great for saving time, but may come with a loss of control since the software is essentially a black box that doesn’t offer much customization. 

Organic Tracking – For an extra fee of $50/month, you can track your ASINs’ ranking on your 25 most important search terms.

Video and Image Builder– For an extra fee, you can build custom graphics and videos for your brand and display campaigns.


Perpetua’s pricing depends on the amount of ad spend they currently manage for you. For lower spend, they start with flat monthly payments and then progress into a commission-based plan as your spend increases. 

$250/month until $5k in spend

$550/month until $10k in spend

$550/month + a percentage of spend until $200k in spend


With so many options out there, picking the right PPC software for you can be like picking a needle out of a haystack. That’s why we decided to make this list of Sellozo alternatives to help you discover more tools and how you can benefit from them.

And of course, if you’d like to know more about our own tool, AiHello, you can always book a call with one of our PPC experts here