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An In-depth Look At Amazon DSP For Canada

As of today, Amazon may be found almost wherever. It is mostly found in North America, with its headquarters in the United States. In other nations, like Canada, Amazon has clearly great influence and authority. Amazon has created a platform called Amazon DSP that allows advertisers to connect with their Canadian audience.

To target Canadian consumers, sellers from both inside and outside Canada employ a variety of advertising tactics. If you’re wondering whether Amazon DSP in Canada is feasible, the quick answer is a resounding YES.

What is Amazon DSP?

Unlike sponsored advertising, Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform) is designed to raise product and brand exposure outside of Amazon’s platform and community, expanding reach to those who may not always buy from the behemoth or who aren’t in the purchasing mindset.

Mobile banner advertisements, mobile interstitial ads, desktop display ads, in-stream video commercials, picture and text ads, and other formats are all examples of these types of ads. 

These Amazon ad solutions are valuable because they allow merchants and providers to retarget potential customers outside of the Amazon network.

Do you know that Amazon currently competes with Google Analytics as one of the biggest virtual advertising platforms, with over $20 billion in ad revenue in 2020 and a 77% year-over-year growth rate? When compared to the combined ad income of Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, and Roku, Amazon’s ad revenue will be more than twice as large.

The trademark of Amazon as an online shopping website, along with its extensive list of subsidiaries, may be linked to its quick expanding expansion as an advertising platform. IMDb TV, Prime Video, Kindle, Twitch, Audible, and third-party providers are just a few of the tools Amazon has at its disposal to ensure that your adverts reach your target clients at every level of the funnel.

Of course, Amazon DSP is simply one of the most effective demand-side platforms available right now. But what really sets Facebook apart from the competition is its breadth of reach with the particular demographics you want to reach, thanks to its global user base – yes, even outside the United States. Because so many Canadians use Amazon and its services, DSP is something you should think about.

Amazon now provides DSP advertising to businesses both on and off its marketplace, generating hundreds of millions of impressions every day. DSP, on the other hand, is not inexpensive, with a managed-service option starting at $35,000 USD. Advertisers are then forced to pay every 1,000 persons who view their Sponsored adverts in CPM, which stands for Cost-Per-Mille.

What’s the Difference Between Amazon Ads and DSP Amazon Program?

At first appearance, the Amazon DSP programme appears to be straightforward. If you’re already selling on Amazon and have purchased Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products ads, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between these two?”

Although they have many similarities, one of the most important distinctions is where your target audience will view your advertisements. When utilising Amazon Sponsored Ads, for example, you can only promote the things you offer on the site. As a result, the advertisements will only appear on Amazon.

However, even if you aren’t selling your items on the site, the Amazon DSP programme allows you to reach consumers outside of Amazon. You may utilise a DSP campaign for your adverts if you’re selling on other e-commerce platforms like eBay or WooCommerce.

This ad style is highly recommended, especially if you’re selling on many web platforms. Your advertising is centralised with Amazon DSP, so you won’t have any trouble arranging your campaigns.

Features of Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP offers two key features:

  1. It’s a programmatic ad buying platform that works across hundreds of websites.
  2. It allows for advanced targeting based on Amazon’s own purchase data.

Amazon DSP is the ad network and exchange for Amazon advertising. On numerous Amazon-owned goods, applications, and websites, Amazon collects their own advertising placement. Because of this ad network and exchange concept, you may target your advertising on Amazon.

Types of ads available on Amazon’s DSP

It’s time to build some advertising now that you know how to target the proper demographic. 

The four primary ad formats accessible to your brand through DSP are shown below:

1. E-commerce that is dynamic

Every day, Amazon’s machine learning offerings become more amazing and approachable. Dynamic e-commerce advertising adjust which creatives appear dependent on the campaign’s aim. You might incorporate promo coupons or user reviews in your creative to entice people to view the product on Amazon. Only a product detail page can be linked to dynamic advertisements.

Amazon can now provide the following services thanks to machine learning:

  • They’ll serve a dynamic eCommerce ad with a review if a customer is inclined to read reviews before purchasing a product.
  • If a consumer is more of an impulse shopper, a dynamic e-commerce ad with an add to cart button will be shown to them.

2. Ads that are static

Because static advertising lacks dynamic components, they require special calls to action, such as “Shop Now.” These advertisements should be used as mid-and upper-funnel approaches to attract customers and increase brand recognition. These advertisements take you to an Amazon storefront, a product detail page, or a custom landing page.

3. Video Advertisements

Video is a fantastic method to share your brand’s narrative and connect with your audience on an emotional level. DSP allows video advertising to run within video content (in-stream video) or as a display ad (out-stream video). You may use DSP to link your video advertising to an Amazon product detail page or your own website. When you use a DSP to create video advertising, you can also use Amazon’s audiences to target the relevant customers.

4. Over-the-top video advertisements (OTT)

On the DSP platform, OTT advertising is also served. These full-screen, non-skippable adverts are an excellent approach to reaching millions of people via linked TV sources (like the Amazon Fire TV Stick). You may target particular Amazon audiences with these advertisements, but they are not clickable.

Placement Options on Amazon’s DSP

On-Amazon ad slots in the following sizes, 300×250, 160×600, and 300×600 are available on:

  • Search Skyscraper 
  •  Read All Reviews 
  • Homepage Above the Fold
  • Homepage Below the Fold
  • Thank You Page 
  • Detail Page

On-page ad slots for product images only in the following 970×250 and 980×55 are available on:

  • Below the Fold Homepage
  • Below the Fold Detail Page 
  • Below the Fold Deals Page 
  • Below the Fold Offer Listings Page

Product picture and shop now variations are only available to managed service advertisers in Canada for 650×130 and 245×250 ad locations.

Available on Amazon mobile site for smartphones in all 320×50, 414×125, and 300×250 places.

Except for the search page on the Amazon Mobile Shopping app for smartphones, all 320×50, 414×125, and 300×250 spots are available.

Amazon In Canada

In Canada, Amazon is not a new name. It is presently the largest online buying platform in the world, with a population of 38 million people. With plans to hire an extra 15,000 Amazon employees and a large pay raise in the autumn of 2021, operations have been steadily increasing. Furthermore, Amazon is in the midst of building the headquarters of some of its companies in the nation, including Amazon Web Services in Calgary, Alberta.

With this recent report, it’s safe to assume that Amazon is consolidating its position as Canada’s biggest eCommerce retailer and will remain so in the next years. Despite the fact that many merchants are now attempting to tap into the Canadian market in order to target Canadian audiences, there is still time for you to get started and exceed your competition.

Using Amazon to sell to and advertise in Canada has never been easier. To start selling in Canada, you don’t need a Canadian company licence or a bank account if you’re from the United States. As a result, you may make use of this chance to reach out to Canadian customers. And how do you go about doing it?

How Can I Utilise Amazon DSP?

Make sure your product is retail-ready before moving on to the higher funnel strategies:

  • Your photographs are of excellent quality.
  • Your bullet points and descriptions have been optimised to the fullest extent possible.
  • You have a 3.5-star rating at the very least.

At the same time, we propose conducting Ad Console campaigns for branded queries. If your DSP efforts are successful and you raise brand awareness, you will observe a rise in branded searches.

Not every product has the resources to implement a full-funnel plan, and not every product makes sense to run year-round. However, you must ensure that your retargeting strategy is constantly on and then layer in mid to upper-funnel initiatives as needed.

Using Customer Data To Target Customers

Amazon provides audience data to marketers to assist them in better identifying their target market depending on:

  • Trends in Demography
  • Trends in time
  • Engagement with a brand

You may use this data to include demographic targeting in your upper-funnel methods, such as a certain age group. This is especially useful if your budget is restricted and you need to limit the number of people you contact.

Audiences from DSPs As Prospects

On DSP, audiences may be used in two different ways:

1. Advertiser Audience (also known as leveraging first-party data from your organisation)

If you already have a lot of data about your clients and prospects, this is a terrific option. You may contact Amazon consumers who have already engaged with your brand by employing pixels, DMP audience transfers, and/or CRM data.

You can, for example:

  • DSP allows you to import a list of customer or prospect emails.
  • Make a doppelganger audience
  • Create a targeting plan based on the target audience.

If you use a pixel for retargeting on your site, you may use that pixel to build a lookalike audience.

2. Amazon Targeted Audiences

You may target audiences with Amazon’s Audience Solutions depending on their:

  • Interests and habits, such as shopping for things in a certain category.
  • Age, income, and education level are all examples of demographics.

Amazon divides its behavioural audience targeting into three categories:

  • Lifestyle divisions that reflect a diverse range of interests (such as homeowners)
  • Customers are segmented in the market depending on what they have looked for or browsed.
  • Retargeting groups are made up of Amazon customers who have looked at your items but have not purchased them

One of the most significant advantages of using Amazon’s DSP is Amazon Audiences. Using audience insights allows you to better understand how and when your audience shops, making it simpler to create retargeting ads based on their data and behaviour.

Brands That Are Perfect for Amazon DSP Canada

Brands with established brands in their product categories and monthly sales in the thousands, if not millions, must be strategic. The days of using PPC-style advertising to improve your sales are long gone. Instead, you must go one step further and appear to your audiences, regardless of whether they are searching for your items or considering purchasing them but have not yet done so.

The Amazon DSP is meant to increase sales and income by increasing brand awareness and retargeting audiences. You may feel certain that your advertising are effective since Amazon can target Canadian audiences on and off its eCommerce platform through its subsidiaries and affiliates. When it comes to setting up complex automation for your advertisements, you only have two options: self-service or managed-service through an Amazon marketing firm.

You can utilise Amazon DSP even if you don’t sell on the Amazon marketplace because it isn’t limited to Amazon vendors. All you need are all the resources to put yourself in a level above your competition. With such a positive perspective on Amazon’s expansion as a DSP provider and Canada’s flourishing economy, we highly advise you to pursue this advertising approach.


Consider Amazon’s DSP programme if you’re searching for new methods to grow your business. You may use them to schedule your adverts to run on several platforms automatically. It’s important to note that you don’t have to sell only on Amazon to participate. You can still enrol your items in the DSP programme if you want to market them online. 

With the DSP being intricate and Canada being a country with individuals from different walks of life, Amazon advertising might be overwhelming. But don’t panic, there are plenty of tools available to help you succeed as a vendor or advertising.