amazon best sellers Sports and Life Style Best Sellers List

Becoming an Amazon Best Seller: How to Get Your Products to Amazon Sports and Life Style Best Sellers List

It’s simple to get an Amazon bestselling badge. All you need is the greatest sales velocity in the product category. That isn’t the whole tale!

Consumers come first at Amazon, and it won’t promote goods with which customers have had a bad experience. Some items have the potential to become blockbusters fast and expand sales to their full potential if they are properly listed. What is the Amazon best-seller badge and what variables influence your chances of earning it?

That’s exactly what we’re going to learn now.

What Does “Amazon #1 Best Seller” Mean?

Amazon launched the #1 bestselling label a few years ago. It is the orange ribbon icon that may be found in the upper-left corner of a product page and is given to top sellers. This emblem displays which items have a better sales rating, helping buyers to make more educated purchase decisions.

At first, Amazon only displayed the logo for one seller in each category. In each category, we now have 100 top sellers. Because the category may have minimal competition, you may not be able to view all of the bestsellers in some sub-categories.

The Amazon #1 Best Seller badge is an orange emblem that shows next to the best-selling goods in a category’s listing and search results. This badge’s goal is to inform customers about the most popular things. Items marked as “#1 Best Seller” are more likely to be viewed by online buyers, potentially resulting in significant earnings.

What Criteria Does Amazon Use To Determine Who Gets The Best Seller Badge?

The Amazon #1 Best Seller badge symbol indicates that a product has the most sales in that category. The A9 algorithm, developed by Amazon, determines how goods are ranked in search results. The top-selling status on Amazon is updated hourly by Amazon’s algorithm.

The specific measures used to bestow the Best Seller label aren’t disclosed by Amazon, but it’s evident that sales history and sales velocity are important considerations. To rank items inside categories and subcategories, Amazon’s algorithm looks at overall sales history.

It’s also worth noting that the challenge of becoming a #1 Best Seller differs based on the category in which your product is listed. There are roughly 100 Best Seller badges split across subcategories into most categories.

Competitive categories include “Sports and Lifestyle” and “Electronics.” It’s quite tough to maintain a #1 Best Seller ranking in one of these categories constantly.

As previously stated, winning the Amazon Best Seller label is all about sales. You must be able to maintain high sales levels over time in order to become an Amazon Best Seller.

Let’s look at a few strategies for increasing and maintaining long-term revenue.

1. Identify and categorise your product’s target market

Consider Amazon categories to be aisles at a physical store. Nobody looking for milk would ever come across a gallon of milk in a grocery store’s hardware section.

Amazon categories and subcategories are the same way. If you place your goods in the incorrect category, buyers may never find them.

Not all Amazon categories are the same. There are certain niches that are more competitive than others. However, achieving the bestseller status in a tiny niche or subcategory is easy.

For example, it may be simpler to become a bestseller in the ‘Running’ subcategory than in the ‘Sports Shoes’ category if you offer a running shoe.

Don’t put your items in a category that isn’t related to them.

You may be tempted to list your items in low-competition categories that are just tangentially related to your product in order to become a bestseller.

Few seasonal products (such as face masks, holiday gift items, or school supplies) sell better regardless of the category. In such instances, the seller may get the bestsellers label not by selling to buyers looking for items in a relevant category, but by selling to shoppers looking for products in an irrelevant category with low overall demand.

If a seller places a product in the incorrect category, it is likely to have an impact on its ranking and conversions. Customers may be more likely to abandon the product listing page before completing a purchase. As a result, your conversion rate suffers, and your Amazon search rankings suffer.

Here are a few men’s sports shoe category alternatives (Amazon calls these “browse nodes”):

Browse node 1: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry > Men > Shoes > Athletic > Running > Road Running

Browse Node 2: Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry >Men> Shoes

2. Create a Listing That Is Optimized

Conduct rigorous Amazon keyword research before creating your product listing so you know precisely what search phrases customers use when looking for your goods.

Write an interesting product title, description, and bullet points using those keywords.

On Amazon, images are also quite essential. Paying a skilled graphic designer to assist you in creating beautiful graphics is always a wise investment, in my opinion.

Additionally, if you use Brand Registry, adding A+ material to your listing might help you sell more.

3. Do Proper Keyword Research

The simplest method is to go to and search for your product using the first few keywords. Amazon will provide you with a selection of choices from which you may choose the ones that are most relevant to your listing. You may also utilise free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. However, the outcomes would not be exclusive to Amazon.

You should utilise software like AiHello AutoPilot if you want precise results suited to your Amazon listing. Long-tail keywords that are extremely relevant to your listings and have greater conversion rates may be found with this tool. This tool may also be used to perform a competition keyword analysis.

Choose high-volume keywords and include them in the title, description, and bullet points of your product.

Remember, the idea is to locate highly relevant keywords with high search traffic and use these keywords to optimise the listing.

The next step is to improve your backend keywords. This section contains all of the keywords with average relevance, misspellings, and brand-related terms. You don’t need to repeat the keywords or separate them with spaces or commas.

Tip: One thing I’d like to point out is that you should organise your keywords by relevancy and search volume. It’s simpler to cover all of the keywords this way, and it reads well for a human audience.

If you’re adding keywords for soccer balls, for example, you can do it in the following order:

  • Soccer Balls
  • Adidas Soccer Ball 
  • Official Champions League Matchball

4. Maintain a competitive price structure

You may be aware that lower prices result in more sales. This leads to a higher product rating. You don’t have to sell your items at the cheapest price, but you should give a reasonable price within a reasonable range. So keep an eye on your competitors and devise a price plan that is competitive. This will increase your chances of earning the Amazon bestselling badge in the end.

Make sure to keep an eye on your profit margins as you cut your rates to ensure that you stay profitable. This implies that after you pay for the goods, shipping, Amazon fees, and other expenses, you should still be profitable.

Lowering product pricing may help you increase sales and, as a result, search ranks, but it’s only one of the many elements impacting Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

5. Use promotions to boost sales velocity

Promotions are an excellent strategy to increase sales velocity and fast achieve #1 Best Seller status.

Coupons and lightning offers are two examples of Amazon promotions that, when properly handled, have been shown to enhance sales.

6. Create a blog

A blog is an excellent strategy to increase revenue. It helps you to create a digital identity and is a wonderful place to go if you have a lot of devoted consumers. It also has a reception area where you may gather information about your preferred clients. This blog also has ways for you to market your stuff. Amazon gives the blogger a variety of applications, including thumbnails of each of his items with the cover picture and a direct link to the product listing on Amazon’s website. A blog is also a place where you may publish news and entice others to meet you.

7. Work On Visibility

This is the key to unlocking everything. Your product must be easily visible. There are several strategies to make your goods noticeable on Amazon. It’s simply that you have to make the most of it. Many people look at new releases, and you need to enhance your presence in this area. Those pre-release review requests could be enough — they’ll be ready to sell as soon as they’re released. This is the moment to push as hard as you can with your sales. You want to link your product to other products, such as “customers who bought this product also bought your product.” Consider how you might increase your exposure and include it in your planning.

8. Create an Amazon marketing strategy

PPC advertising campaigns on Amazon are an excellent approach to increase sales and improve your organic position. Running PPC advertising would be extremely beneficial if you offer in highly competitive niches or saturated categories. You may target keywords and even competing items with pay-per-click ad campaigns, which can be done automatically or manually.

Instead of turning these ads on and off, it’s essential to establish an overarching Amazon advertising strategy. When you do, you’ll get the finest outcomes.

Even if your product rankings are high and sales are good, a rival conducting PPC advertising might quickly outrank you. As a result, if you want to increase your sales and become the best-selling product in your sector, PPC ads should be part of your plan.

Other Amazon badges to be aware of

Amazon has launched a few badges to help customers have a better shopping experience. With such a large selection of items accessible on Amazon, having a badge provides you with an advantage in the marketplace. Here are several examples:

1. The Amazon’s Choice award

Amazon launched Amazon’s choice badge in 2015, in addition to the bestsellers badge. The major goal was to make Alexa’s purchasing experience easier.

A voice search on Alexa, unlike a browser search, gives just specific product results. This language assistant is used to look up prior orders and provide product recommendations to consumers. If the customer’s orders aren’t accessible, the results are suggested based on Amazon’s options within a category.

Amazon’s choice emblem is now visible on the web browser’s and mobile app’s search results pages. Amazon’s pick, like bestsellers, acts as a direct suggestion to buy a product. As a result, it has a favourable effect on sales by attracting customer attention and trust. As a result, acquiring this badge is also beneficial to vendors.

2. Badge of ‘New’

Amazon adopted the ‘New’ logo last year to identify freshly released goods. The testing phase for this red ribbon-like emblem is currently ongoing. This is one of the most recent initiatives to assist customers in making purchasing decisions. The criteria used to grant this badge, however, are currently unknown.

3. Badge for a new release

For new Amazon sellers, we have the ‘New Release’ badge. The main goal is to get the attention of potential purchasers. Despite the fact that Amazon does not provide any exact criterion for earning the #1 New Release badge, we have noticed a few features in common:

  • You should be on the first page of Google for your main keyword. Your product must be one-of-a-kind and stand out from the crowd.
  • You should pay significant attention to the title and description of your product listing. Don’t be scared to experiment.
  • You’ll need to sell more units than the category’s best-seller.


It’s a wonderful idea to get an Amazon bestselling label, but is it worth it? To answer this issue, you must consider it from a larger viewpoint. The best-seller emblem instils trust in purchasers, speeding up your success. Finally, you should aim to grow sales by focusing on the proper consumers; the rest will come as a result of fulfilling your objectives.

There are a few tricks to help you earn more sales, but you shouldn’t jeopardise your reputation in the process. Choose the best methods and provide excellent customer service at all times.